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A Walk In The Park With Master

Date With A Dom

Carnal Passions

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 4,400
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Master has a surprise for Carlene. A picnic in the park. But first, she must expect her punishment for taking so long to respond to his message. Naked, bound and strung up between two trees, will Carlene submit to her Master's desires, and if she does, what will be her reward?

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A private location like this was the kind of place teenagers might frequent at night, but she was fairly confident they would have no unexpected company at this time of the morning. Master would have seen to it. She sat down on a log and watched him opened the pack, take out a blanket and spread it out beneath one of the trees. He also took out some cord, laying it out carefully beside a flogger and a large feather. Carlene's heart beat rapidly in either fear or anticipation. Maybe both, she wasn't sure.

Master straightened and sat beside Carlene. He slid his big hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in for a slow kiss. Her stomach filled with butterflies. Kissing was something he did after they'd finished with his pleasure. Rarely before. After the kiss, he leaned close to her ear to whisper his plans, then took a step backward. "Take off your clothes.”

Her hands shook with excitement and trepidation as she pulled her t-shirt over her head. Dropping it to the ground, she unzipped her jeans and wiggled out of them, then removed her thong underwear. She started to remove her sneakers.

“Stop,” he ordered. “You can leave your sneakers on. I don't want your feet to get cut on anything in the underbrush.”

She nodded and dared a glance at Master's face.

He crooked his finger, beckoning her closer. As she did so, another command came. “Hold out your hands.”

He bound her hands, palms together, at their wrists, looping a length of cord around them several times to make sure they sat neatly one atop of the other. She flexed her hands to see if she could move them, couldn't, and nodded to Master that his handiwork was effective. He walked around her, running his warm hands over her cool skin. He stroked her back, her hip and then the rounding of her ass, then moved to stand in front of her again. His hands cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples and bringing them to hardened peaks. She moaned softly, but held her position. She wasn't told to move yet. “Very nice.”

Looping another length of cord between her hands, over the original bindings, he used the rope like a leash to pull her toward the blanket, and one of the large trees. Then, throwing the loose ends of the cord over an overhead branch, he pulled straight up until her arms were straight above her head. He tied the loose ends to another branch on the far side of the tree. Naked and exposed, Carlene could do little but press her knees together and twist at the end of the rope. Master stepped out of her line of sight for a moment, but she could tell he hadn't gone far from the sounds of his footsteps. While it was a little frightening being strung up naked for anyone who may walk by to see, she had supreme faith in his ability to keep her safe. He would never actually leave her, even if it may seem that he had. He promised her that a long time ago and had never broken his vow.

He returned with the flogger in one hand and a green branch in the other. “Remember your safe word. Are you ready?"

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