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A Way Back (MF)

Swept Away Trilogy

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 58,447
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The battle to trust and communicate, fan the flames in Nia and Derek’s already over-heated relationship. It’s their way, a way back to one another.

A way back is further complicated by a constant threat to Nia’s safety. There is a traitor in their midst. Friendships are tested and broken, and Nia’s choices cause irreversible damage.

Their road to freedom and happiness is rough and terrifying, but it is the only way home.

PUBLISHER NOTE: This is Book 3 in the Swept Away trilogy. Each is a continuation of the story and should be read in the numbered order.

Professional Reviews

4 STARS – Night Owl Reviews
A Way Back is the third book in the Swept Away series by Rosemary Willhide. This book is part of a series and should be read as part of the series and not as a standalone.

Nia and Derek battle trust and communion issues to come back to each other. The problems keep coming and nothing is easy. Nia’s safety complicated matters while friendships get tested.

The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more. At the end of the first chapter, I could not wait to finish the book. The author did a good job of drawing the reader in to her world. She did a great job of making it very realistic. The pace of the story was very fast and the drama continued to come. I loved how there was not a real lull in the story.

The main characters and the secondary characters were stimulating and realistic. Both Nia and Dereck had faults that they each had to battle making them realistic. The point of view stayed with Nia all through the story. At times I wished that I could get Derek’s view of the issues. The main conflict of the story was the lack trust and communication issues between Nia and Derek. There was just the right amount of conflict because this story was non-stop drama. The dialogue between the characters was genuine and distinctive. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. The ending was a bit predictable but the author takes the reader on a wonderful journey. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future.

Reviewed by VRainey Night Owl Reviews

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Derek’s nibbles on my shoulder made me squirm. I angled my face to his and he took possession of my mouth. Our tongues came together, but his was in charge. His hand captured the nape of my neck and he held me to him with a needy passion. It stole my breath and a wellspring of saturation spread below.

He released me and anchored my shoulders, so I faced the wall. His hot breath flowed over my skin. “Was somebody a bad girl tonight?”

I heaved. “Yes, I was a bad girl.”

“Do you deserve to be punished?”

“Yes. I misbehaved, and my panties are wet.”

His index finger ran over the thin cotton fabric. “What should I do about that?”

My pulse quickened. “Tear them off, please, tear them off.”

He ripped them from my body. “Now bend over and close your eyes.”

I obeyed with my ass in the air and the side of my face resting on the cushion. I heard the rustling of Derek’s clothes hitting the floor and his feet padding over the carpet. He certainly took his time while I maintained my position, trembling in anxious longing. I was tempted to open my eyes. It was sheer torture waiting for him. The room grew silent. Did he leave? A misty sheen of wetness dripped down my inner thighs. My clit twitched in rich arousal. I allowed a daring hand to dive between my legs and graze over my soft slickness. It was a risky little move, but I took it. My naughty fingers wriggled my folds with gusto. Who knew how long I had to go at myself before—

—“Nia Kelly, you little fiend. You’ve just landed yourself in more trouble, young lady.”

Well, fuck me, hard. I could only hope.

A dresser door opened and closed, and a thud followed. My eyes were still squeezed shut, but he was right behind me. I felt the heat radiating off his body.

He slipped the blindfold around my head. “I wasn’t going to blindfold you, but you’re very disobedient tonight. Take those mischievous hands and open yourself to me. Show me my naughty pussy.”

My mouth went dry and beads of sweat prickled on my skin as I spread my cheeks and my most delicate tissues for him.

He placed his hand on top of mine and pulled me open wider. “There, that’s better. Hold just like that.”

His index finger ran the length of my badlands and sent a rousing shiver streaming through me. He repeated the same motion, skating the handle of the riding crop over my vibrating pussy flesh. He pushed the tip inside me and my inner muscles gripped it as it shifted back and forth. My lusty hole surged with a renewed deluge of juicy squirts.

I panted. “Oh yes, more. I need more.”

He removed the great humping handle. “You think you deserve more after misbehaving?”

I whimpered, “Yes.”

“You’ve made a mess on the riding crop.” Derek perched the handle at my lips. “Lick it clean.”

I sucked my saturated tormentor inside. My taste buds were struck by the leathery texture of the crop and my sweet nectar. With the blindfold, I was cast further into another world where namaste met naughty play. Derek was pure fuck magic. I was so lost in my mouth task, my hands slipped from their spreading duties.

He retreated the handle. “So disobedient. I told you to leave your hands there. You’ll have to be punished more severely.”

He plucked up my wrists and slapped the furry handcuffs on them. The fur tickled the top of my crack. I was bound, blindfolded, and boiling with desire. Derek brushed the crop over my bottom and I braced for the first crack.

His voice was low and husky. “Baby, you need a safe word, in case it’s too much. We’re just playing. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t. You never have. Please, Derek. I want it so bad.”

“Safe word, my angel. No arguments. You’re already in enough trouble.”

My mind drew a blank, but my mouth blurted, “Wine!”

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