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Alric's Runaway (MM)

Mate Me

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 25,120
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Alric has always been one step behind his brother, and now he might walk away for good.

After failing at yet another task his older brother Mace performed perfectly on his first try, Alric has decided he doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t need anyone’s approval, and he certainly doesn’t need a conditional inheritance from his father. But his attempts to comply with his father’s demand that he settle down and have children brought someone into his life, someone completely different from his numerous past lovers. Chase makes Alric question everything about his life, and with Chase’s help, he might finally see that the kind of acceptance he’s always wanted was being offered to him all along.

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Chase rolled over in the small bed, listening to the soft sighs and moans of sex coming through the wall. Varian and his date had come back from dinner pretty early, and they’d retreated to the bedroom almost immediately. The sounds of pleasure made Chase’s mind wander. He got out of bed and went back out into the living room. Retrieving the tablet from the couch, Chase looked at the image of Alric again. Varian had arrived home after work incredibly excited, telling Chase the pilot had changed his mind about getting married and having babies. That had intrigued Chase. At first. A week of fucking wouldn’t solve any of his long-term problems, though. He sighed, not sure what to do. He and Varian had stayed up late talking the night before, and Chase had really enjoyed that. But he couldn’t stay here indefinitely, no matter how much Varian insisted.

Varian’s cries grew louder, and a rhythmic thumping began. Chase felt himself growing hard as he listened to his friend being fucked. The guy Varian had brought home had been very handsome, tall and muscular. Chase shifted positions as he looked at Alric’s picture again. His hotel wasn’t far away at all, and Varian had said the man was all right with him popping in. Though it was still stormy out, it wasn’t raining at the moment. What would it hurt to walk down there and meet the guy? It wasn’t that late yet. If nothing else, Chase could scratch the itch that had been with him far too long. The idea of having sex with a man who would accept him, a man who actually wanted someone like him was too tempting.

Chase got up and went to the kitchen to write a note on the lightboard. He had to search around for the pen, finally discovering it on the floor a few feet away. He wrote a quick note saying where he was going and clipped the pen back to its magnet by the lightboard. Varian was still being fucked with vigor from the sound of it, and Chase smiled. Maybe by the end of the night he’d be enjoying the same kind of treatment.

The walk to the hotel was uneventful, but when he reached the lobby, he was very glad he’d washed his clothes that day when he’d done some cleaning up around Varian’s place. His bag was still a bit scruffy, but he hadn’t wanted to leave it at Varian’s since he didn’t have a key. He took a deep breath and walked up to reception as if he belonged there. The elevators would be locked at this time of night, which meant he had no choice but to talk to an employee. So many in the city wouldn’t even blink if the homeless population was rounded up and executed, and Chase had learned to be cautious with anyone who might be able to come up with a halfway decent excuse to call law enforcement on him.

“May I help you?” the man at reception asked, giving Chase his attention but nothing even remotely like a smile.

“I’m here to see Alric Galexa in room 659, please. Could you see if he’s in? My name is Chase.”

“One moment.” The man went into a little alcove and actually came back quicker than Chase had expected. Now, he had a smile on his face. “Yes, you’re expected, sir.” He pushed a button, and an elevator dinged nearby, the doors sliding open a moment later. “Do go right up and let us know if you need anything.”

“Thank you.” Chase got into the elevator and hit the indicator for the sixth floor. Expected, huh? Is this guy arrogant or just optimistic? Thinking back to the image he’d seen of the ruggedly handsome, muscular man, Chase didn’t care. He’d had sex only two times in his young life. His first partner had been mildly intrigued, but not enough to ever ask him out again. His second partner had seemed borderline repulsed once they’d gotten down to it, finishing the deed quickly and practically running away afterwards. Neither experience provided him with good memories.

Chase didn’t have to wait long after knocking on the door. Alric opened right away and stood there shirtless, a sexy smile on his bearded face. The tan, dark-haired man proved even more handsome in person. “Oh, you are beautiful. If Varian had showed me a picture, I might’ve followed him home to plead my case in person.”

“Thanks.” How else could he respond to a greeting like that? Chase tried to figure out what to say next, but it seemed he didn’t need to. Alric grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into the room. Once the door was shut, Alric took Chase’s bag and tossed it aside before pushing him against the wall and cupping his face. Chase knew he was good looking, his features masculine but still with a pretty quality to them. His blond hair was his most striking feature, the color close to white, which only set off his green eyes even more. His lack of partners hadn’t been from lack of interest—it had been pure self-preservation mixed with fear.

Alric smiled and then leaned in as he pressed his body close. “We can talk first, but you are too pretty not to taste right away.”

Their lips came together, and Chase couldn’t stop himself from moaning. No one had ever kissed him this way before, with such hunger and need. Chase put his hands around Alric’s waist and gave in to the embrace. The man seemed to truly be tasting him, and his tongue explored Chase’s mouth thoroughly as their bodies rubbed together.

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