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Auction Action

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 16,000
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Art isn’t the only thing a man can find at an auction…

Frederick Holloway is a successful antiques dealer with a clientele that he likes to keep happy. When one of his most important clients asks him to attend a charity auction to buy a painting for her, Frederick agrees. What he didn’t expect was the Greek god with the face of the Marlboro man who is his main competitor for the artwork.

Duncan never expected to meet such a powerful and commanding man in such a small package. He likes it, really likes it! Frederick can give him something he desperately needs. But are they playing around? Is something deeper developing? Or is Duncan still trying to get an angle on the work of art that he lost at the auction... or embracing a worthy opponent?


“So you like to win,” Duncan replied, his throat suddenly very dry. He hadn’t expected the small man to be so forceful or to dominate a place like this so completely. He’d seen him at the auction and the man obviously knew how to read a situation and do what it took to come out on top. He’d already seen that in action.

“Doesn’t everyone?” The small man simply looked at him, and Duncan had to stop his body from automatically shivering under his penetrating gaze. He loved strong men because Duncan himself was strong, and weakness was something he had a tough time dealing with.

“And what does it mean to win?” Duncan asked. He would normally have signaled the bartender for a drink, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the man in front of him. He fascinated Duncan, and Duncan had a deep fear that if he did, the man’s attention would shift, and Duncan didn’t want that to happen.

“That depends where the battle is,” the small man replied and then lifted his martini glass to his red, full lips. Duncan blinked and he knew the other man had seen it because he nodded slightly before setting the glass back on the bar. He obviously was giving nothing away. Duncan hoped he’d say something more, but the man simply continued looking at Duncan like he was dinner for a hungry lion.

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