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Bearly Midnight (MMM)

Midnight, Mississippi

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 35,340
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Colm McCreary has left his home in Bear Mountain and come to the shining paranormal city of Midnight, Mississippi. Bound in magic, only paranormal beings can see the portals that bring them inside the boundaries. Humans see nothing but a vast field and wood.

First on his agenda is a new job. With the help of fellow transplant, Eilam, Colm seeks a job on the King’s Guard. While in an audience with the king, he comes face to face with one member of his triad—a shifter named Theis. Theis isn’t prepared to accept that he has a mate. He’s worked too long and hard to rise to the ranks that he has to let something as stupid as lust get in the way.

But he can’t resist the ache his fated partner causes in him. He hopes one heated night of passion will make the desire fade. When it doesn’t, he only pushes Colm away.

Not long after, Colm meets the last member of their triad—a human. Refusing to let the human go, he illegally smuggles the man into the city. Little gets past the Midnight Security Team, and they quickly come face to face with a king’s guardsman tracking him down.

Theis is faced with another mate when he didn’t want the first. Will he choose Midnight over his mates?

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Lifting his stare, he met the bear’s and saw the same light swirling in the depths.

“Can you understand me like this? I mean… is it still you in there?”

The bear’s head nodded slightly as a paw came up. Reese froze for a second, only to watch as Colm caressed a cheek with the back of his paw.

Lust fired up in Reese…

“Why do I feel… like this around you?”

I’m his mate.

The realization crashed into him.

“I’m yours… aren’t I?”

Colm slowly shifted back into his human form. “Mates know one another upon meeting them. An innate drive propels them together. A force of nature.”

“Physical need,” Reese whispered.

Colm stepped closer, resting inches from Reese. “That… and more.”


Colm lowered his head, almost close enough to kiss Reese’s lips. “There’s more to the drive than simply sex. It’s a need to protect … to claim … to become one.”

Reese released a breath, his stare focused on those lips that were so close, yet so fucking far away.

“But I thought there is supposed to be three?”

“There’s another,” Colm whispered, his lips growing closer.

“There is?”

Colm nodded before the faintest of touches crossed Reese’s lips.

His eyes closed in a pleasure so great, it nearly crossed the line into agony. The kiss was barely there and not enough. He pushed up onto this toes and gave the bear a true kiss. Starving for the caress, he fisted his hands into the front of Colm’s uniform and dragged himself as high as he could go to take what he wanted.

Colm’s head came down and plundered his mouth.

Reese moaned against the bear’s firm lips. When the man’s tongue swept in again, he opened without question, yielding to the desire pumping through his veins.

Bang-bang-bang went the beating of his heart.

It took him a moment to realize it was a knock at the door. Colm moved away, leaving him cold. “Get in the bathroom,” he whispered, pointing to a door.

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