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Blaik's Desire (MM)

Elven Conceptions 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 27,494
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, M/M, elves, HEA]

Elven Bearer Conor and King Lyndor happily await the birth of their heir, but Conor’s visiting brother Blaik is nowhere near as content. Blaik, also a Bearer, finds himself smitten with Lord Gothec, a confirmed bachelor who claims he has no need of a mate or an heir. Blaik’s desire seems hopeless until he discovers that Gothec’s gruff exterior is merely a shield meant to disguise his true feelings. Faced with losing Blaik, Gothec surprises the court, and especially Blaik, by asking King Lyndor to sanction their betrothal.

Blaik is delighted when he finally wins Lord Gothec’s heart, only to discover that his own father has arranged his betrothal to a foreign king who needs an heir. Diplomacy demands he go through with the match, especially when a deadly plot is uncovered in the palace. Though Blaik and Gothec continue to meet in secret, doing so soon puts both their lives in danger, along with the child Blaik discovers he is carrying.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Maneuvering Blaik out of earshot of the others, he nudged Blaik. “Well? What do you think of him?”


“Of course! Who else!”

“Oh. Well, I am glad you found a trustworthy companion.”

“Come, come. Out with it! Do you think him handsome?”

“I suppose he is, yes.” Blaik found himself surprised by his own answer. No one could doubt that Ailin’s face and figure were most pleasing. Yet Ailin was not Gothec.

Their private moment passed, and servants accompanied the four of them upstairs. Ailin and Jarquis disappeared into adjoining chambers, leaving Blaik to walk on alone with Gothec.

“So they aren’t sharing a chamber,” Blaik observed to Gothec. “They are not ready to declare themselves lovers, then. I wonder if they do fear my father’s reaction.”

“They will have to work that out,” Gothec said a bit irritably. He recovered his spirits as they approached Blaik’s door. “Have a good sleep. Dream well.” He paused and winked. “I daresay I will. Thinking of an entire row of dancers aflame and unharmed is intriguing, though I could do without those who shift into beasts.”

“As could I,” Blaik admitted. “For that matter, I am not overly fond of flames.”

“Some kinds of flames are enjoyable,” Gothec said, stroking a finger down the center of Blaik’s chest. “Surely you know that by now. Still, you have a point. I prefer an ordinary sort of man for myself.”

Blaik was not quite sure what happened next—rather, several things seemed to happen at once. He pushed open his door and stepped into his room. At the same time, he felt strong arms slide around his waist and turn him. Next came Lord Gothec’s kiss—even harder this time, and far more urgent.


* * * *


While they kissed, Gothec’s hand drifted down to Blaik’s leggings. He caressed the growing mound there as a similar heat flared between his legs and swelled his aching bollocks. The pressure of his fingers grew more intense until he both heard and felt Blaik moan against his open lips.

Abruptly, Gothec dropped both hands to his side and stepped back. The look of bewilderment on Blaik’s face caused him worse physical pain than the throbbing in his cock.

“No. We can’t,” he heard himself say. The words seemed to come from very far outside his hammering pulse, as though someone were calling from another room or even from underwater. “I…I must go.”

Not daring to look back, he hurried along the corridor, slipped into his own chamber, and dropped the inside bolt. Safely locked away, he leaned against the door and ran his hands through his hair. A shuddering sigh racked his sweaty body.

Gothec did not want a mate, especially not a Bearer. He wanted only to take his pleasures while he could. He saw nothing wrong with that and never had. Why could physical love not exist separate from emotional involvement? One provided nothing but pleasure, the other little more than crushing pain, whether it came sooner or later.

The only problem was that when it came to Price Blaik, he was finding it more and more difficult to separate the two.


* * * *


After a fitful and mostly sleepless night, Gothec flung on a loose-fitting tunic he used for exercising and headed to a small courtyard where Lyndor’s guards took sword practice. He was early enough that no one else had arrived yet, so he immersed himself in a strenuous battle with the wooden pell the soldiers had set up in the center of the grass.

For a while, his thoughts were absorbed in ducking and slashing at the long rotating arm with its blunted but still dangerous iron blade. All too soon, however, the session ended, leaving his body drenched and bruised and his sword arm numb. The moment he jumped back for the last time and let his sword drop to his side, his mind began to boil again.

How had a simple flirtation, undertaken as a mild entertainment, spun so far out of control? The situation had seemed ideal—Blaik would be leaving soon after the birth of the heir, no doubt on his way to some far-flung kingdom to become the Bearer to a powerful king chosen by his father. Gothec had no desire to interfere in Blaik’s destiny and no hope that any desire on his part would have made a difference anyhow. He’d grown up in the palace and knew how royal politics worked. He’d simply assumed they could enjoy one another’s company in the meantime.

Then, somehow, he had gotten his heart involved. When he tried to imagine Blaik standing with some other man in a bonding ceremony, or even worse, heavy with another man’s heir, his blood ran so hot he could hardly stand it. Even when he took himself physically away, as he had the night before, the images continued to gnaw at his insides.

“Mates are fine for other people—like Lyndor, for example,” he said out loud, talking to the wooden pell, trying to force himself to believe it. “I’m certainly not ready to settle down. At least, not for more than a few nights at a time.”

Cursing, he sheathed his sword and mopped his forehead with a sleeve. The sky was still gray, so he had to find some other way to occupy himself until everyone rose. Until Blaik rose and they could be in each other’s company again.

The final thought had come unbidden. Gothec cursed it, and then he cursed his own foolishness. But neither curse had any effect.




This time, Blaik and Gothec did not part on opposite sides of the chamber door. They clung together as they crossed the room and fell onto Gothec’s bed. Weeks of repressed passions scorched through them as they devoured each other’s lips like starving men at a feast.

With a practiced skill that unnerved Blaik, Gothec stripped away both their cloaks and tunics and stretched out on top of him. Though Blaik didn’t care to dwell on the details of where and when Gothec had gained so much experience, he was grateful for his ability to take charge of the situation.

As if sensing his troubled thoughts, Gothec nuzzled his mouth against Blaik’s ear. “Leave it all to me,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you. Quite the reverse. I want to give you the greatest pleasure you have ever experienced. You’ll be safe with me.”

“I–I know,” Blaik managed to whisper. His heart was beating so hard that he found it difficult to breathe, let alone speak.

Gothec spread a palm over his chest and stroked his way downward, stopping at the waistband of his leggings. His eyes burned with lust, making them as cloudy and fierce as a stormy summer sky. “You’re trembling. Don’t be afraid.”

“Trying...” It wasn’t only fear, but also anticipation that twisted his guts. The moment he had awaited for so long was finally upon him, and he had no idea how to deal with the tempest of emotions storming through him.

Raising himself, Gothec pulled off his own shoes, leggings, and braies and tossed them to the floor. Still stretched across the mattress, Blaik lifted his head to stare, dumbstruck with lust at the sight of Gothec’s body. Some parts of him, like his hands and throat, seemed lean and graceful to the point of delicacy. Yet other areas, such as his chest and limbs, appeared hard and strong. Most intriguing of all was his cock, which rose from a dusting of charcoal hair that ran along the flat of his abdomen. His bollocks swelled dark and soft between his pale thighs.

Excited sweat broke out all over Blaik’s torso as Gothec next reached for his own codpiece and pulled his aching mound forward. He rubbed and squeezed it through the cloth but soon began tugging his last remaining garment away. Blaik raised his hips to assist Gothec in getting the leggings all the way off.

“You are as beautiful as I thought you would be,” Gothec murmured as he flung them onto the pile formed by own discarded clothing. He traced the small half-moon shape adorning the middle of Blaik’s abdomen. “Is this the mark that has caused you so much trouble?”

“My Bearer’s Mark, yes. One day, when I conceive, it will swell and become a birthing pouch, just like Conor’s. It seems hard to believe when it is this small, does it not?”

“Indeed. No one would ever suspect its importance.” Breathing heavily, he settled himself between Blaik’s bent knees, bracing his hands against the bed. Blaik became oddly captivated by the glossy sheen of saliva collecting on Gothec’s lower lip. Perhaps the king’s cousin ultimately regarded him as little more than one tasty meal in a series of many, but for the time being, he didn’t care. He only wanted to nourish and sate him.

Every muscle clenched with anticipation, Blaik lay as still as a statue as Gothec bent and sheathed his cock with his mouth. He went slowly at first, sliding his wet tongue up and down Blaik’s stiffened shaft. The tickle of the short, bristly hairs of his beard drove Blaik mad with desire.

“Ohhh….” Blaik moaned as Gothec began to move faster, now using his lips and even his teeth, as well as his tongue, to arouse every inch of his cock. Blaik had practiced such acts with his fist, of course, but he’d never realized how infinitely more satisfying the real thing could be. Gothec’s mouth was soft and hard, savage and tender all at the same time. It didn’t take long for Blaik’s bollocks to clench up and his body to start bucking with need. He fought the inevitable, though, desperate to stretch out the moments of ecstasy as long as he could.

Gradually he became aware that Gothec had wrapped his fist around his own cock and was pumping it to the same rhythm his mouth kept on Blaik’s. Blaik wished he had thought to use his own hand on Gothec, sensing that both of them would have enjoyed that. Instead, he settled for threading the fingers of one hand through Gothec’s hair and resting the other on top of Gothec’s shoulders as he stroked himself. At least that way he could pretend he was helping give Gothec pleasure.

Before long, his bollocks clenched again and he realized that he could not hold back much longer. Gasping, he squeezed his eyes shut, surrendered himself to the flames licking at his body, and let go. His mind went blank, a jumble of bright lights like stars flashing across the backs of his closed eyelids. Wet heat spewed out of him with such fury he feared he’d been split open. The force of his release seemed to lift Gothec’s entire bed off the floor and then send it crashing down again.

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