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Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 533,252
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AVAILABLE: Thursday, January 25th

In The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford, now that she's free of her controlling husband, Marci Meshevski wants to prove orgasms do exist. A fling with a hot cowboy should manage that task. Simon MacDougal eagerly provides more than Marci thought possible. Then brother Lance returns to Climax, eager to continue the Tanner's Ford tradition of sharing…

In Having It All, Doctor Nikki Meshevski wants a no-strings affair with a couple of hot men. Eric and Matt Frost are equally eager. All’s well until they demand marriage. Though she loves them both, Nikki won’t abandon her career. Must she choose between their love and her profession? Or can she have it all?

In The Bartered Bride, refusing to be bartered by her tyrant father to benefit his business, Jane finds refuge with Riley and Travis Adams. She delights in discovering her sensual side, eagerly assisted by the ranchers. When her past intrudes they offer her marriage. Do they love her, or is she bartering herself to be safe?

In No Strings Attached, aroused at first sight, rancher Lila Frost hires Jet Quartermain and “Houston” with the understanding they’ll do more for her than daily chores. Lila’s fantasies come true when Jet insists he will be her master after dark. She agrees, with no strings attached. Then a few strings start to unravel...

In Lustful Intentions, MBA grad Katie Winterbourne will protect herself against any threat, including Sam Elliott, an arousing rancher twice her size. Second thoughts have her seducing Sam and his brother, Trey, before settling into corporate monotony. An introduction to bondage and submission has her eager for more. And then her career plans disintegrate…


A Siren Erotic Romance


Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.

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“You need a Montana cowboy to give you orgasms, Marci. Lots and lots of orgasms. That’ll make you forget all about Ted.”

Marci Meshevski Grant hastily set down the large dill pickle she was about to bite into. The thought of her dead husband always brought a sour taste into her mouth. She didn’t need a lewd vegetable to make it worse.

“No way!” She rapidly shook her head at her older sister, making her rickety stool rock. “I don’t want another boring marriage.”

Actually, Marci did, and they both knew it. Or, she wanted the children that came from a marriage. Nikki, sitting across from her in an equally decrepit chair, crunched down on her grilled cheese sandwich. Busy chewing, she gave her a look instead of answering.

“I want to enjoy my freedom for a while first,” insisted Marci. “I’ll have lots of fun as soon as I replace my, um…”

She hesitated at saying the word out loud. For all she knew, battery operated massage tools were illegal in Montana. Even in a place called Climax. Gad, she was so horny even thinking of the town name made her pussy tingle. She might be hesitant to say things out loud, but she had a vivid imagination. That, and the small piece of equipment she’d hid for years between her mattress and box spring, had kept her sane while married to Ted. But it, along with everything else, had gone up in flames.

“One vibrator can’t do near as much as a talented man,” declared Nikki.

Marci narrowed her eyes. “How do you know? You said you’ve never had sex.”

Nikki’s pale skin went well with her blonde hair. It couldn’t hide the wave of red that rose above her light blue scrubs.

“I am a medical doctor specializing in family medicine. I studied sex in class and did additional literary research on my own. And I mean monographs and technical articles, not explicit magazines.”

“I put up having sex for ten minutes almost every Friday night for twelve long years,” said Marci bitterly. “And now I’m happy to be a widow.”

“You never told me Ted scheduled sex.”

“Ted scheduled everything to meet his priorities.” Marci licked her finger to pick up crumbs that had fallen onto the Formica table. Heat, this time from embarrassment, tinged her ears. “The timing for sex depended on the sport and commercial breaks. He liked the half-time shows but not the commentary.”

“That’s not sex, it’s—God!” Nikki grimaced, shaking her head. “That makes me even more determined to make you into a merry widow.”

“That’s a piece of lingerie, not a way of life.”

“It can be both.” Nikki flicked her eyes over Marci’s second-hand clothing. “We should get you some nice lingerie. It’ll make you feel beautiful inside.”

Marci pressed her fingers over the fresh scar running from her right jaw up to her cheek. She’d told the police she couldn’t remember how it got there, perhaps a piece of flying glass from the explosion. The paramedics said it looked more like a knife and she was lucky her throat wasn’t cut. They pushed, but she kept to her story, the one that would keep her out of jail.

“I can feel as beautiful as I want, Nikki. It doesn’t mean a man would think so.”

“Not if you keep wearing those baggy jeans. They make you look old and frumpy. There has to be something in that bag from the church donation box that would fit better. Why don’t you put on something more presentable?”

Marci made a big deal of looking around. They sat by the short kitchen section of the living portion of the tiny apartment. There was a wall within eight feet no matter which way she turned.

“Gee, Nikki, who’s going to see me here? And why don’t you move to someplace more acceptable? You live over an old two-car garage in a tiny apartment.” She stopped herself before she went too far. Nikki had taken what the town offered. She softened her tone. “You’re not in pre-med anymore. You’re the town doctor and yet you can’t even wash your hair without banging your elbows on the walls of that tiny shower.”

“The town of Climax, courtesy of Harry Perkins and his maiden aunt, provides this apartment at no cost.” Nikki looked around. “I spend all my time at the clinic anyway.” She narrowed her eyes at Marci. “But we’re talking about you. It’s a good thing your dresses with puffy shoulders and beads were burned to ashes. Out here people dress the same way their grandparents did, though women wear jeans now.” She pointed to Marci. “Ones that fit. Why don’t you let me take you to Dillon to shop?”

“You know why,” replied Marci. Ted had insisted she dress in style. She’d hated having to look as if she could walk on the set of Dynasty or Dallas and fit right in. What she wore was comfortable, unlike the tight gowns, spike heels, and other excessive fashions required to be accepted in the circles Ted wanted to move in. “And anyway, who’s going to see me except you?”

“You’ve been here weeks and as far as I know, you’ve never gone out except at night, well covered up.” Nikki pressed her lips together, and then sighed. “Yes, you’re going to have a visible scar for the rest of your life. But you can erase the one on your heart. You survived that fire. That piece of filth you married didn’t. Grab some life and kick up your heels, Marci. Don’t let Ted win. Move on to a better future.”

Nikki touched Marci’s arm, a gesture of caring she’d been doing since they were small.

“Now that Ted’s gone,” continued Nikki, “the only way to break free of his controlling influence is to do something totally wild and selfish, against everything he believed in.” She nodded her head briskly. “You’re right about avoiding marriage. You, sister dear, need a short-term lover.”




Simon inhaled the aroma of paradise. He hadn’t had much chance to pleasure women orally, and the few times had been long ago, but he was sure none has smelled as good as this woman. She was just what the doctor ordered. Hot, sexy, smart, and eager with a great smile.

There was a wet pussy right over his head, breasts above, and a first-class ass curving around the back. He couldn’t wait to sink his tongue and fingers into her pussy, then his cock. He’d try a finger in her ass, as well. If she liked it enough, and was still here when Lance got back, his brother would be a very happy man.

She bent her legs and shifted, so he moved his grip. His thumbs filled the inside creases of her thighs, and his fingers wrapped over her hips.

“Let me guide that wet, swollen pussy right to my mouth,” he said.

Though her face was as red as the swollen lips above him, she did what he asked. He inhaled again. He’d never forget her perfume. It was embedded in his DNA, or hotwired into his brain. He didn’t know or care as long as he could enjoy her dark curls wet with moisture. Below the curls her thick, swollen lips begged for his tongue.

“Oh, God, you smell so good.”

He used his tongue to press open the seam between her inner and outer lips. Once open, he felt for her clit. She gasped and tightened her thighs on his cheeks. Though he’d fought it at the time, he would have to thank the good doctor for insisting he be shaved before leaving the clinic. This first time had to be good for Marci so she would want more. Lots more.

“Get comfy because I want this to take a long, long time,” he said.

He flicked his tongue over her clit. She gasped and rewarded him with a gush of fluid. He took his time, licking up every bit. Then he pressed his tongue between her lips, now engorged and slick with fluid. Ambrosia. She moved her knees apart, sinking down on him.

He chuckled. “You’re a fast learner.”

“Shut up and keep working,” she said in a growl.

He went back to work with a wide smile. She was so hot, wet, and eager that she wouldn’t last long before she came for the first time. He concentrated on her clit with his tongue and put a finger inside her. She gasped when he hit a spot, so he worked it, using his finger as if motioning someone forward. She shivered and moaned. Her grip on his hair hurt, but it was so good. He sent his other hand lower, following the wet trail. When he got to her asshole he used his baby finger on her. She froze, and then curved her ass to pull him farther in.

“You like it in your ass, do you? That’s real good,” he murmured while she twisted and groaned. She yanked on his hair, so he put his tongue to good use again. With both hands busy and his tongue working her clit, it didn’t take long for her to shudder and come, gushing into his mouth. He kept the finger in her ass going as he sucked up every drop. Finally, she slumped. He was gasping almost as much as she. Gasping and grinning.

How had he gone so many years without pleasuring a woman?

“Oh, my,” she finally murmured. “So that’s what it’s all about.”

No, she couldn’t have meant that. She must be at least twenty-five years old. But she’d implied her husband was a selfish bastard, and he’d never even gone down on her. She needed a man to take the time to relax her so she could come fifty or so times.

Since no one else was around, he appointed himself. He helped her to lie down. She lay on his good side with her head on his chest, her right leg splayed over his. He lay there, almost content, until her breathing slowed.

“That was your first orgasm, was it?”

She twitched her shoulder, which he took as a hesitant “yes.”

“Well, honey, it ain’t gonna be your last.” He didn’t think she was ready for a deep kiss, but he couldn’t help planting a small one on her forehead. “Stay around for a while and you’ll get a lot more.”


A very Mona Lisa smile played around her lips. He nodded and her smile broadened to take up her whole face. He barely saw the red line anymore. It was there, but it didn’t matter. He tucked her close. Pleasuring Marci like that made him feel like he was the best damn man on the planet. His leg throbbed but he didn’t really care. He’d given a precious gift to her.

A woman only experienced her first orgasm once. And he was the man who’d done it for her.

She lifted her head. Dark, inquisitive eyes twinkled. Her hand strayed down his body to grasp his cock through the sheet.

“What can we do about this?”

“You can do anything you want,” he replied as calmly as he could. Had she gone down on a man before? Would she be shy, or eager?

She tilted her head. He realized her eyes were slightly slanted, like a cat. She slid down the bed until her head, leaning on her elbow, was at his hip. She grasped him hard.

Oh, yes. A hand job would be nice.

Her soft little palm and fingers felt so much better than his own callused ones. She stared at his cock for a bit. A few drops of pre-cum emerged. The tip of her tongue protruded between her lips. She wasn’t going to—

No. Of course not. She used her thumb to roll the liquid over the head of his cock. Her brow was furrowed a bit, and she worried at her lower lip with her upper teeth. God, he wanted those teeth scraping his cock!

“Oh, baby, that feels so good,” he said in encouragement. She lifted her head and leaned forward. He held his breath. She flicked her tongue over him.

“Oh, God, yes!”





“I’m the town’s primary care physician, and responsible for keeping our citizens healthy. Having a drunken brawl at a wedding is not what I would call healthy.”

Brenda sighed. She perched on the rolling metal stool and stared intently at Nikki, who suddenly felt foolish. She was a stranger, and should not intrude. There’d been few injuries beyond bruises and a few cuts. Their morning-after headaches were likely causing more problems than the fight.

“Sorry, Brenda.” She rubbed the bridge of her nose, but her headache did not retreat. “Something snapped when I saw Marci drive away with Simon and Lance. I’ve taken care of her all my life. She doesn’t need me anymore, and it hurts a bit.”

“Give her a couple of weeks with those two fussing over her, along with a dose of morning sickness, and Marci will need you, both as a sister and as a doctor. But she’s now the responsibility of her husbands. It’s time for you to take care of yourself.” Brenda tilted her head like one of the MacDougal ravens hiding a hard-boiled egg under straw. “I watched you and Matt Frost dancing. He held you pretty close and you didn’t try to get away.”

“And then he disappeared,” she grumbled.

“Disa—?” Brenda frowned. “Didn’t you hear? Matt had to leave early to drive to Missoula to pick Eric up at the airport. He left for the big cattle auction this morning. Eric will bring the truck home.” Her eyes narrowed in speculation. “Is that why you’ve been so short today? Missing a certain hunky bachelor?”

“What I’ve been missing is sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning a lot.”

“I know what you need,” replied Brenda slyly. “I don’t have that problem, since I’ve got Derek to turn to when I’m frustrated. Not that we go without sex long enough to get as antsy as you,” she added. “You’ve been here for months, working day and night. I know that look in your eyes. You’re horny, Doctor Meshevski!”


“How long since a man’s given you a good orgasm?”

Nikki felt heat rise up her chest. “I’ll, ah, file these.” She reached for the brown folders.

“Not so fast!”

Brenda shoved her stool with her foot. She rolled forward, stopping in time to slap her hand on the folders. There was a glint in her eyes that made the heat roll up Nikki’s chest even faster. No one, except Marci, knew her as well as Brenda.

“You’ve never had an orgasm, have you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Of course I have.” Nikki faltered under Brenda’s hard, knowing look. “Fine! I’ll admit it. I’ve only had them alone.”

“No man has ever touched you in a way that made you forget about everything but what you’re feeling?” Brenda frowned and shook her head slowly. “You’ve been with a bunch of selfish pricks. You need to find a real man, one who can satisfy you. Matt used to be quite popular with the ladies. I’m sure he knows his way around a woman’s anatomy.”

“No, thank you,” she replied primly. “I hear Matt wants a wife. I do not want a husband.”

Brenda narrowed her eyes. “Did you see his older brother, Eric? He rescued my rascal nephew and brought him here. He had his shirt wrapped around Joshua when he came in.” She leaned forward. “Were you looking out your office window, Doctor?”

The tall, broad-chested man hadn’t seen her glancing out the window. He’d had all his attention on the bloody boy with him. She’d waited, almost panting, and sure enough he’d come out again. He’d tossed his blood-stained shirt in his truck before carrying Joshua’s bike to the back door.

Like his brother, Eric filled out a pair of Wranglers like nobody’s business.

“Eric?” she asked, pretending innocence. But heat, unwelcome but uncontrollable, rose up her chest and face. “Stop smirking!”

“Aha!” Brenda leaned back in satisfaction. “That’s why you’ve got your knickers in a twist. Matt left you wet and wanting last night, and now his big brother has caught your eye. Eric’s a rolling stone who’s made it clear he’ll never settle down. He’s perfect for you.”

She’d shivered when she’d seen Eric’s tight expression. Combined with the musculature and size, he made her think of Conan the Barbarian, one of her favorite fantasies. She’d fantasized about being tossed over his shoulder and carried away, then ravished repeatedly. That was before she’d arrived in Climax and discovered women often married two men at once.

Sex with the imaginary Conan had been enough to light her nights. Matt had replaced him, until she’d seen a photo of Eric. He had a commanding presence that made her toes curl. The thought of both of them in bed with her was way over the top. She closed her eyes as her inner flames reached even higher.

“Brenda, I’ve had no experience flirting and my few dates were disasters. I could not look Eric Frost in the eye and ask him to dance, much less hop into bed. And even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Brenda suddenly gasped. “Oh, no, don’t tell me you’ve never even had sex!”

Though her face was flaming, Nikki pretended to examine her blunt, smooth nails. Thanks to the wedding, they were a pale pink. Like her hair, boots and clothing, they were designed to get the job done with a minimum of effort. She didn’t dress to catch a man. She’d given up long ago.

But then she’d danced with Matt. He’d slid his hands over her bottom and pulled her against his very impressive erection. She’d wrapped her arms around his neck to keep him there. When they moved his cock rubbed against her clit. She’d almost come, right there on the dance floor.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”




He inhaled, imprinting her scent into his DNA. It reminded him of the jungle after a cleansing rain: hot, damp, and earthy. It brought out something primal in him. She was one of those women who thought they needed to be in control. He wasn’t surprised, as she’d been raised by a single mother. With no strong male influence, one who protected and provided for her, she would not have learned the advantages of submitting to her man.

By the time Matt got home, he’d have her training well under way. At the very least, she’d know his body, and her own, one hell of a lot better. Matt would put his own spin on things. They were opposites in many ways. Matt was a jovial giant unless aroused to fury by a bully. Nikki would bring out another type of arousal.

Keeping his tongue busy, Eric skimmed his hand over her belly. She gasped when his finger touched her clit, but he moved on. They groaned in unison as his finger entered her slick heat. She was snug for someone her size and age. He added another finger, needing to stretch her to prepare for his cock.

If her pussy was this tight, her ass would be heaven. But, since he’d be the first Frost brother to fill her mouth and pussy with his cock, he’d leave her ass to Matt. Not that he wouldn’t get his fingers in there first. He’d need to stretch her so she’d be ready. Not a hardship, at all.

He thrust his tongue in her sopping pussy while using his thumb on her clit. She shuddered and another gush of flavor exploded in his mouth. He reveled at the intensity of her reaction as he played with her. She was at his mercy, forced to accept his pleasure. Her hands worked her breasts, squeezing and pinching. That was one thing he didn’t have to order her to do.

And God, did she have magnificent breasts! They spilled over her ribs, flowing to the sides. He couldn’t wait to bring her to the hot spring where gravity’s force was lessened. He’d fill his hands with her breasts and tow her backward. He’d turn her around, and she’d spread her legs, clutching his hips as he skewered her. In time she’d learn to take Matt in her ass at the same time. They’d fill her, front and back, the three of them becoming one.

Unable to take the constriction on his cock from his tight jeans, he pulled away. She mewled a complaint as he released his jeans button and hauled his zipper down. He eased his thick cock out, groaning at the relief. Before his hands got busy again, he shoved his jeans to his thighs.

“Don’t stop!” she demanded.

He looked up. She had her heels pressed into the mattress, offering her pussy to him. Her ass cheeks were clenched tight, hiding the tiny hole he intended to investigate next. His balls ached, needing to explode inside her. But she had to come first. He might not make his promise of twice before he entered her, but he’d make up for it the next time.

He brought his mouth to her clit and sucked her nectar. She jolted, gasping for breath. Tilting his head, he managed to fit three fingers into her. He pumped them as she twitched. Excess juices flowed down to her ass. He gathered some with the fingers of his left hand. Still working her clit and pussy with his right, he scratched lightly at her back hole. She tensed, clenching his face with her thighs.

He knew she wanted this, even if she didn’t know it yet, by the gush of fluid that dripped down his chin. He breached her outer ring and twisted his finger. She exploded, flooding his mouth. Yes!

He had to have her. Now.

He held his cock, gasping as he forced himself to slowly guide it into her pussy. She was tight and hot and perfect. Her heat grabbed his cock with the force of her orgasm, squeezing him like never before. His blood pumped, needing to take her, to make her his.

Once he was far enough in, he grasped her hips. He gritted his teeth as he ever so slowly sank deep inside her. He gasped, hauling air when his groin met hers without hitting bottom. Then he began a rhythm with his hips. He kept one finger on her clit, another in her ass.

A white-hot wire shot a blast from the base of his spine, between his balls, and out his cock. She gasped, her second orgasm clenching him like a vise. She raised her hips to meet him thrust for thrust as he roared his possession. Staring at the vision before him, he filled her with everything he was, man and beast. Nothing else existed.

He finally slowed, head pounding and blood rushing like a mountain river in spring, as the dregs of her orgasm milked him dry. Finally, there was nothing left but satisfaction.

He leaned over her body, still attached in the most primal way. She slumped, eyes closed, palms resting on those gorgeous breasts. They rose and fell as she panted. The flush of orgasm covered her pale skin, a final reward.

“We’ll save that spanking for next time,” he said, each word separated by a gulp of air. “That scratch your itch, Doc?”

Her eyes opened, focusing on where their bodies joined. She traced her way up his chest to his face, and then to his eyes. One corner of her mouth quirked.

“Not bad. Maybe you’ll get better with practice.”

A deep chuckle burst out. “Baby girl, we’ll be finding that out tonight.”





Jane peered from the shadows as an old blue pickup pulled into the honky-tonk’s parking lot. Another Texan good ol’ boy ready to party whether she wanted to or not, or a white knight to rescue her before something worse happened?

So far it was Good Ol’ Texan Boys 12, White Knights 0.

Her pain and exhaustion were secondary to her need to escape this pit stop on the road to hell. She was dirty, bloody, and had little more than the clothes on her back, her determination to survive, and a chance at freedom. That chance might end right here if she didn’t escape.

Another truck roared into the lot, this one with a spray of gravel. One of the two lights that hadn’t been shot out lit up the license plate. It was not from Texas, thank God! She peered at the first truck. The plate looked similar. The air wheezed out of her lungs, allowing her shoulders to drop from the tense position by her ears. Would they be willing to help her?

The door of the first truck opened. The driver stepped out and stretched. He fit every description of the word “cowboy” with his well-muscled body, battered black hat, blue T-shirt, jeans, and scuffed boots. A calm sense of command radiated from him. Her shoulders dropped another inch. It allowed her to inhale rather than pant like a terrified rabbit.

This was a man who knew what he wanted, and was confident he could get it. A warm hum of appreciation trickled through her cold body. For almost twenty-five years she’d been surrounded by arrogant bullies in thousand-dollar suits with souls as bad as the maggots in the bar behind her. Her father had forced her to smile and be pleasant to them no matter what they said, or did. No more. She’d learned a lot since she’d escaped out her bedroom window. Little of it was good, but she was still alive, and free. For now.

The second driver opened the door, leaning to the side to push it wide. He grunted as if in pain, then took his time getting out. He shoved the door shut before approaching the other man. This one’s shirt was red and he was slightly shorter, but they resembled each other enough to be brothers. Blue Shirt started walking toward the bar with that cowboy-style roll of a man used to riding a horse. Not that she knew it personally, but she’d watched a lot of John Wayne movies.

Both men’s jeans hugged harrow hips. Light bounced off huge metal belt buckles. Broad shoulders flexed as they walked, perhaps working out muscles tight from driving. Red Shirt suddenly roared, rushed forward, and slugged Blue in the shoulder. Blue growled something, grabbed Red around the neck, and bent him over. Both hats fell off.

She jerked back into the brush. Wasn’t that just her luck. The first non-Texan vehicles to stop in hours and they were fighting! 

But instead of punching back, Blue Shirt rubbed his knuckles over the top of Red’s head. Both of them laughed. She pressed her fist over her pounding heart. After some scuffling they both looked at each other, grinning. The main difference between them was Red Shirt had sandy-blond hair, while Blue had brown.

Another new bit of knowledge to add to her growing repertoire of people totally unlike the way she’d been raised. Grown men, play fighting and laughing openly, as if they actually liked each other. A man who could laugh and joke like that was surely safer than the furtive, ogling creeps in the bar. No matter what, she had to convince these two cowboys to let her ride with them. Maybe they could drop her off at a decent-size town, or even better, a city.

She automatically checked herself to ensure she was presentable. She choked back a cry, forcing it into a scornful laugh. Her ridiculously expensive boots were ruined. Her short black skirt was too tight to run in unless she hiked it higher. Her sleeveless ivory shell had survived without too much damage, though her raw silk black jacket was beyond repair. The dirt didn’t show too much on her skirt, but the jacket had protected her elbows when she was thrown to the ground. She would discard it, but not until she had something to replace it. Though it was ripped and filthy, it added a needed layer of warmth.

Over a thousand dollars of fashion, ruined. But if she used what she’d been taught and kept their attention they would see her cleavage and face rather than her ruined clothing. They don’t care who you are inside, so don’t let them see anything but what you want revealed. She tightened her glutes, straightened her back, and put on her mask.

The men, still grinning at each other, bent over and grabbed their hats. She focused on how their jeans curved over nice buns. It helped keep the fear back. They smacked their hats against their thighs to get the dust off, and stuck them on their heads.

“Let’s get it to go,” said Red Shirt. “We’ll stop a few miles down the road to eat.” Blue shirt nodded, and they headed toward the honky-tonk.

She fluffed up her hair, pasted on the serene welcoming smile of a society hostess, and stepped into the light. This was life or death.




“You rode a cowboy,” said Travis. “Time to find out how a stallion rides a mare.”

A deep thrill centered at the ache in her pussy. “As in?” she asked breathlessly.

“First, I’m going to put you on your hands and knees. Then I’m going to lick and finger you until you beg for more. Then I’m going to spread those pussy lips and find my way home.” He gave her a stern look, one that demanded she conform to his wishes. “You got a problem with that?”

His commanding authority made her need rise even higher. A touch of delicious dread hovered at the edges of her arousal. She yawned, knowing it would make him want to prove his worth.

“No problem,” she replied, as if bored out of her mind, “other than to ask what’s taking you so long. Eeek!”

The sound escaped when he flipped her and dropped her on her belly near the edge of the bed. He lifted her bottom, setting her down with her knees at the edge of the mattress, her feet hanging over. He moved her knees far apart and pressed her head into the mattress. A warning hand on her back told her not to move. It was glorious to have the power to hold a man in thrall. Being under his control was equally wonderful.

“You look good like that,” Travis whispered in her ear. “You like having your ass and pussy on display, ready for my cock. Don’t you, Jane?”

“Yes,” she whispered. She wanted this, needed it.

“I’ll fill your pussy today, but next time, I’ll take you anyway I want.”

“Any way?”

A finger slid across her lower lips. She held her breath at the sensation. It slid back and up, then played with her anus. The tip invaded her. This one was thicker than the first. She automatically squeezed to keep him out. He chuckled, and twisted. Sensation from a thousand pleasure points rioted through her. Oh, my! She inhaled a gasp, then pressed back.

“You like my finger in your ass, don’t you, sweetie?”


“Tell me the truth,” he ordered.

“Yes,” she admitted. She pressed her hot face, and its furious blush, into the sheet.

“Good girl. I want you to tell me what you like.” He pulled his finger out, then patted her back cheek. “We’ll work up to it, but before this is over our cocks are going to fill you, Jane, front and back.”

Her pussy gushed even as she shook her head. He grabbed her hair, gently but with purpose, and pulled. It stung a bit, but felt good. She tilted her head, arching her back as he tugged harder. He had her in his power, but it was by her choice.

“You want that, Jane?”

She hesitated. A sharp pain erupted on her left buttock an instant before she heard the crack of his palm. She jumped and yelped. His hand rested on the spot he’d smacked. It burned, but had lit a fuse in her pussy.

“That help you to turn off that busy brain and listen to your body?” he asked. She nodded. He was right. The lingering sting kept her from thinking of anything else.

 “I know you like the thought of taking both of us at once,” he continued. “Riding one cock, being pulled down so your butt sticks up like this, then having another cock sink deep into your ass.”

The bed shifted as he leaned over, his mouth by her ear.

“And,” he said with quiet determination, “you like being spanked. You want me to take control of you, Jane. That’s good, because I will determine your pleasure. You will have my hands, and anything else I choose, on your skin, and in your body. And you will enjoy it, Jane, even when it stings. I’ll get pleasure from it, but only if you do. I know what you want, and I will give it to you. Pain and pleasure. Denial and reward. All for you.”

“Don’t leave me out of this,” said Riley. “Jane’ll need both of us to keep her happy.”

Travis’s fingers slid over her skin, exploring. He circled her pussy with his fingertips. She screwed up her face, as if that would force him to touch her where she needed. He chuckled, and kept circling. She squirmed, but he didn’t get any nearer her clit.

“I’m not happy!” She jerked at the sharp tap on her back cheek.

“Our woman needs to learn patience, Rye,” said Travis.

“Why?” she demanded.

Riley dropped on the bed on his stomach. His grinning face landed a foot away. “Because waiting means you’ll come a lot harder, Duchess.”

Travis’s fingers found the slit between her inner lips. She shivered, unable to speak as he lightly swept over her folds. Her entire being focused on his tongue separating her lips, then flicking over her clit. She tensed, eager for another explosion. He pulled back, his breathing rough, then rolled off the bed. She whimpered at his absence.

“We won’t make you wait today,” Travis reassured her from across the room. “You’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

“And you want to fill Jane’s pussy as much as she wants it,” said Riley.

Travis was grinning, but a hard look in his eyes warned Riley not to move toward her. Heavy feet padded back to the bed. Large hands grasped her hips. A hard cock slid over her pussy lips. How had she gone so long without feeling this? She closed her eyes to concentrate on his cock rubbing her clit.

“You want me to fill this sweet pussy with my hard cock, Jane?”

“Oh, yes.”

“This means you’re mine until we’re done. You understand?”





The stranger topped her by at least six inches. If he hugged her, the top of her head would fit under his chin. He waited for her answer, projecting a seductive aura of power and control. She’d seen the look before, on her more dominant uncles. Uncle Keith didn’t do it often, but when he looked across the room at Aggie that way, her boisterous aunt seemed to melt.

An unfamiliar twinge struck between her thighs. Another made her nipples contract into hard buds. He cleared his throat. His hat covered a certain part of his anatomy. Was it on purpose? Was he interested in her? As long as he wasn’t in a relationship…

She dropped her eyes, breaking the spell and reminding her of what she wore, and didn’t.

Oh, God, now was not the time to meet Mr. Studly Dom. Not when her hair was still wet and tangled and she wore nothing underneath her old silk robe!

She looked up, belatedly crossing her arms to hide the evidence of her arousal. His lip twitched. Her face, which was already hot from her recent shower, burned. Dammit, she hated feeling unsure. It was a familiar feeling which, as usual, was quickly followed by anxiety. She hid it under a mask of bravado.

“Uncle Tommy didn’t call. I thought you were the sheriff.” She suddenly realized what he might think about her answering the door like this. “He’s an older cousin who thinks he should keep an eye on me.”

Damn, now she’d implied the law needed to check up on her!

She turned to Rascal, still grinning in welcome at her side. “Some guard dog you are!” He tilted his head at her. “I know, I didn’t listen to your warning,” she muttered.

The hand the man held out for Rascal to sniff was broad, with long fingers. The dog took it as permission and explored his jeans from waist to ankle. The stranger’s chuckle seemed to ripple down her spine and lodge between her legs.

“Hey, boy.”

“Rascal doesn’t usually take to strangers. He’s my guard dog.”

“He knows I’d never harm a woman.” He slid her a glance. “Especially one as pretty as you.”

Just once she would like some good-looking man to say she was pretty and mean it. This guy wanted a job, and thought a bit of flattery would help. Having a stranger arrive out of the blue, when she was at her worst, was bad enough. Having him see her, and wake a sexual longing she’d thought impossible, ticked her off.

He must know dogs, since he found the right spots behind Rascal’s ears. He had to bend over to reach. She was used to men this size. She was not used to the way his eyes assessed her, or how it made her feel. However, she was not going to behave like a silly female. Just because a handsome, hunky man wanted to work for her while her parents were gone…

She straightened up to her full five feet, eleven inches, lifted her chin, and glared at him.

“Who are you?”

“Jet Quartermain, ma’am. My buddy, Houston, is in the truck.”

She took a step sideways to peer around Jet toward the truck. It looked empty. It also looked like it was about to croak. How did he get across those mountain passes in that old clunker?

“Houston’s asleep. He’s a bit banged up,” said Jet, “but he’s a good mechanic. Tom White said you might need someone to fix a tractor. Houston’s used to army vehicles, but he can make any engine purr.”

She swallowed hard. Jet was doing a good job of getting her engine purring all by himself. Focus!

“You’re ex-army?”

“Yes, ma’am. That’s where Houston got injured.”

The familiar ache struck out of the blue. “My cousin Danny was killed by a roadside bomb,” she whispered. "One of those IEDs."

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” he quietly replied. “It’s happened to a lot of good men and women. And service dogs,” he added, bending over to give Rascal another scratch.

Even if this Houston was no good for ranch work, she owed him for his service to his country. The tractor did need work, and her daddy hadn’t gotten around to tuning up the ranch trucks yet. Then there were the half-finished jobs he never got around to finishing because he got an idea for a new invention. Hell, the Valley could use a good mechanic, as Peters’s Garage had enough to do with town vehicles.

“Why isn’t he recovering with family?” she asked.

“Neither of us have any.” Jet looked up at her. “We can work as long as you need, no strings attached.”

His quiet words didn’t match the fire in his expression. His eyes lingered at her chest. Not lewdly, but showing interest. A man this size might prefer a big woman. The thought of having him show her what she’d been missing made her tingle.

The Circle C needed a pair of hardworking men. She wanted them to prove she was not frigid and ugly and all the other things she’d been called. She’d hire them to work, and hope they might satisfy each other as an added benefit.




Houston looked at what must be the most beautiful sight in the world. Lila’s short and curlies tangled with his mustache. Her smooth belly curved up, dented in at her waist, and then arched out to a pair of the most magnificent natural breasts he’d ever seen. He continued to lick and suck gently. Since Lila wasn’t going anywhere, he released her hips to grasp her breasts. She moaned. He filled his hands with them. Her hard nipples dug into the center of his palm. He weighed them, sliding his fingers underneath to that sensitive, rarely seen side. Her skin was like alabaster, only warm.

His cock throbbed, demanding release. It had been so long, and he’d wondered if it would ever work again. For some reason she’d chosen him for her first orgasm. Maybe when she’d had a couple she would use her hand, or her mouth, to give him release. She wasn’t experienced, so he wouldn’t push.

He caught her nipples between his knuckles and squeezed. Her gasp made him smile. He rewarded her with a tongue flick on her clit. Now that he’d had a good play with her breasts, he kept his head down to give him room to spread out her lips with his fingers.

“That clit of yours is all swollen and red,” he said. “She’s a beauty. Just like you.”

He used the slippery underside of his tongue to circle in one direction for a bit, and then the other. He took a break to breathe, then pushed her forward enough so he could taste her. God, she was perfect. Wet, and slick, and womanly enough to make him growl.

He went back to work on her clit, this time using the rougher topside of his tongue. He flicked left to right a few times and then up-and-down. He varied the pressure, finally working up to a figure eight. He’d use the smooth underside, and then the firmer tip. And then he began flicking.

“Oh! No more!” She rose up, pulling away from him.

“You don’t like it?”

She answered with a growl and slid along his body, one knee at a time. She went past his cock, then grabbed it.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned.

Would she do the same for him now? She gritted her teeth, snarling at him. Then she lifted herself high and sank onto his cock. He choked, unable to move as she slowly slid all the way down. She was hot, and tight, and he was going to come in three seconds if he didn’t do something to set her off.

“Lean forward and ride me,” he said, gasping with the effort to hold back. “Use my hard cock. Take what you need. I’m here for you, baby.”

She leaned forward, slapping her palms on either side of his upper chest. She gritted her teeth, her face screwed up as if in pain. She slammed back, grinding her clit against him, riding his cock. He gathered up some of her juice and tried out her asshole. Her snarl got even worse. She sat up enough to impale herself on his finger. Oh yeah!

Her clit looked lonely, so he used his other hand on it, rubbing in a circle while she shafted him. He had her, front, center, and back, and she was loving every minute of it. His balls were desperate to explode but Lila had to come first.

She slammed up and down on him, clenching his cock in that velvet vice. He sank his finger deeper into her ass, in and out, fast. Her eyes went wild. He shoved his cock up as she came down, one finger deep in her ass, another pinching her nipple. Her pussy walls clenched around him

“Come for me,” he ordered. “Come hard. Now, Lila. Now!”

Her pussy clamped around him as her scream filled his ears. He followed a second later, grabbing her hips and slamming her onto his cock, again and again..

Lila finally slumped on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, loosely, as they were both gasping for air. For a moment he thought she was crying because her shoulders shook. But the eyes that she lifted to his sparkled, and he realized she was laughing.

“You making fun of my lovemaking? Because I can flip you over and spank that ass.”

Her lips curled up in the saucy grin. “Promise?” He gave her one swat on the back cheek. She squealed. “Truce!” she yelled.

She sat up, still panting and grinning at him. That made her lovely breasts quiver in front of him. His hands automatically went to them. He could worship this woman’s breasts forever. As long as he got equal access to the rest of her, including her brain. He grinned to himself. Pussy cream was far better for his face than the stuff the army gave him, but he didn’t think they’d prescribe it anytime soon.

God, Lila was smiling at him as if she didn’t notice his face was a patchwork quilt. Did she really not care? Or was it just the orgasm? The next few days should show him the truth.





Trey pulled nose first into a spot near the entrance of the Roadhouse and jammed on the anchors. The truck stopped inches from the boardwalk. He hopped out, slammed the door, and strode into the restaurant. A short redhead with a magnificent rack grabbed his attention. His day suddenly got far better. He grinned, hoping she thought he admired her freckled face rather than what was under the stretched pink T-shirt. From the way she glared back, she was pissed. It was not the type of reaction he was used to. Instead of turning him off, it revved him up. He hadn’t had a female challenge him in too long. He winked at the furious pixie as he walked forward, sweeping his eyes over her again.

“Now ain’t you a sight for sore eyes.”

She smiled sweetly up at him, though her expression suggested he was something she wanted to scrape off the bottom of her boot. “Keep those eyes to yourself or I’ll poke my fingers in them.”

She spoke quietly, continuing to smile though there was no welcome in those perfect white teeth. Her full lips were ready for kisses. His ability to charm women into his bed was legendary. He never coerced, finding seduction worked far better. It had been a few years since he’d used his skills. Maybe he was rusty. He suddenly noticed his mother sitting in the booth. His eager reaction wilted. He cleared his throat.

“How are you feeling, Mom? You want to go home now?”

“I’ve had better days,” she replied dryly. “I’ll be staying with Louise Jefferson. We’ve been planning to get together, anyway.”

Tom’s face was serious, though Trey could see the sparkle in his eyes. “Trey,” said Tom, “this is Miss Katie Winterbourne. She was taking the bus home and had her pack stolen. She managed to make it to Climax early this morning. Katie, this is Trey Elliott.”

She was not impressed. He dropped his eyes. Thumb-sized nipples poked out of her T-shirt. She growled something and crossed her arms to cover them. He snickered to himself. He’d trust body language over words any day.

“Where’s my big brother?” asked Trey. “I thought he was in town.”

“He’s picking up a prescription for me,” replied his mother. “He’s hired Katie to clean the kitchen to get ready for the haying. You don’t mind having her around?”

“I think that’s an excellent idea,” he said. Katie looked toward the door, which had opened behind him. Her eyes widened and a scowl appeared.

“What are you doing back?” she demanded.

Trey turned to find his brother eying Katie as if she was a rattler. She ’wasn’t impressed with his brother, either.

“Seems we’re stuck with each other for a few days,” said Sam coldly. “You stay in the house and we’ll get along fine.”

Katie gasped. She looked at Tom, Dorothy, and then Trey’s mom. She pointed at Sam. “He’s your other son?”

“Yes, that’s my middle boy, Sam.” His mom nodded oh so innocently.

Trey rubbed at his lip to hide a smile. Mom was up to something, all the way from her size-six toes to her baby blues. If it pissed Sam off, he was all for it.

“I’m Stella Elliott, dear. My sons are Ben, Sam, and Trey.”

It was easy to see that Sam was pissed off at Katie, and the feeling was completely mutual. What made it better was that Trey was known as a grade-A shit disturber. He’d support anyone giving Sam a crank. He also wanted to see more of this woman, both her personality and her curvaceous body. Was she a real redhead?

“You two know each other?” he asked, pretending innocence.

“We met this morning,” said Katie politely, though her eyes homed in on Sam like a heat-seeking missile.

“When she ran her fist into my nose,” said Sam.

“Well, well, Miss Katie! Did you knock my big brother on his ass?”

She lifted her chin. It came to his middle shirt button.

“Yes, I did. He startled me.”

Trey burst into a laugh. “I knew I’d like you. You gotta tell me about it.”

Katie’s face turned pink. “Shouldn’t we be taking care of your mother?”

“I’ll take care of Mom,” insisted Trey. “Sam’ll take you home.”

“Marci will be over later with some clothes,” said Dorothy to Katie.

The woman had a body made for sex, but something had her knickers twisted so tight he’d need his eight-inch crash scissors to cut her loose. While she and Sam glared at each other, invisible sparks shot between them. This was going to be fun!

There was more to his eagerness than the possibility of sex. If Katie pissed off Sam enough to make him get this mad, she might be the one to crack the wall holding in his grief. The counselor said Sam wouldn’t have much chance of a happy future unless he could let go of the past. Sam had bottled his grief deep inside, stoically trying to take the place of both fathers. Trey had a reputation of playing the fool and pushing limits, but at least he enjoyed his life. Sam wouldn’t even swing off the frayed rope and fall into the swimming hole any more. He was sure he’d break something and the Rocking E would fall to rack and ruin.

He bet Katie would be swinging on that rope if she was here long enough. Trey would do everything possible to help her stay, and to turn his brother around.

If he could sample some of her charms along the way, so much the better.




She panted, her tight fists gripping the sheet when he gasped, held himself still for a second, and then furiously pounded into her, roaring. She tried to catch up. She was so close to release when he pulled out.

She smashed her right fist on the mattress in frustration. She tried to jerk up but a hand in the middle of her back held her down. Someone leaned close.

“You weren’t going to complain were you?” It was Sam who murmured. “The other night was about you. Tonight is about us. We’re going to do what we like, unless you say otherwise.”

He spread her back cheeks. Something wet and cold touched. She clenched tight.

“Nuh-uh. Relax and let me in.”

Trey rubbed his finger around her rim. Frustrated and furious she might be, but she wanted this. They both groaned when his finger breached her. He slid in and out as she gradually relaxed. Those fingers were the center of everything. Not just one, but soon two, and then three, with more cold gel each time. By then another hand caressed her pussy, stroking the inside. Now and then it touched her clit.

“You’re ready as you’ll ever be.”

His fingers pulled out. She missed them until the head of a cock breached her opening. It was huge!

“Relax and push me out,” he ordered.

She panted, but did as ordered. When she pushed, he slipped in. He waited for her to relax then, slowly and steadily, he continued. It was an invasion, something totally alien. He pulled back, the friction of his cock a reward. She felt far more sensation here than when a cock entered her pussy, though when they hit one of her special spots, it was as good. Back and forth, taking his time, Trey filled her, his cock deep and hard. He leaned over and kissed her neck.

“Good girl,” he murmured. “You like that, don’t you?”

She remembered just in time to nod rather than speak. He nipped her earlobe.

“Very good, Katie. You learn well.”

He pulled out, added more lube, and reentered even slower. She groaned at the sensuous glide.

“I think Katie’s ready for both of us,” said Trey, his voice tight. “Too bad you already finished.”

“I’m ready for more,” replied Sam. “If you’re up for it?” His hands sifted through her hair, caressing, then tugging. The short, sharp pain sent a dagger of need through her.

“What do you say, Katie? Both of us at once?”

Her mind raced. Marci said it would work, and she was no bigger. Katie’d never felt so wild and crazy, so needy. Who knew if she’d ever have a chance again? Her analytical mind clicked in. How could she ask how it would work if she couldn’t speak?

“Lift your head.”

She obeyed Sam’s order, then blinked when he removed her blindfold. He settled on the bed beside her.

“You’ll sit on me and ride for a while,” he said with utter seriousness. “When you’re ready, Trey will kneel behind you. You’re on top, so you control everything. Got it?”

She opened her mouth to reply, then shut it with a snap. Instead, she nodded. Trey tossed Sam a condom, and he covered himself. Trey helped her to stand over Sam, feet at either side of his hips. A slow smile reached his eyes. He shook his head, sighing.

“Damn, Katie. Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

She pointed at his fully erect cock. He laughed, far more at least than she’d heard him before.

“Yeah, I guess that does give a clue. Come here, sweetie.”

He cupped his hands, gesturing for her to sit. She waited, thinking. She couldn’t talk, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t communicate. She leaned forward and shimmied her shoulders. Her suspended breasts jiggled.

“Oh man, one of these days I’ll put my face right there.”

It was Trey, from behind her, who spoke. Sam didn’t seem to be able to get his tongue working. She considered stepping closer to his shoulders and then sitting, demanding that he lick her. He must’ve realized she had something in mind because he set his hands on her calves and tugged. She wavered, arms flailing. Trey’s arm held her from toppling. Sam tugged again. Trey, the traitor, helped her to land in the right spot. As in his cock sticking up between her back cheeks.

“You ever ride a man?” asked Sam. She shook her head. “I think you’ll like it.”

She liked the idea of being on top, in control. Or as much control or she could have with two strong men guiding her. She reached behind and took Sam’s cock. She rose up and, shuffling backward, positioned him. He crossed his hands behind his head as if he was on the beach. His expression said she was to go for it. She sat down, moaning as her tissues stretched around his cock.

She rocked back and forth, trying different angles until shefound one that was just right. She leaned forward, placed her palms on Sam’s chest, and gripped his cock with her inside muscles. She ground her clit into his groin. She could feel the coiling, the tension of release tantalizingly close. She leaned forward until Sam’s cock was almost out. A pair of hands grabbed her hips and stopped her from moving.

“My turn.”

She turned her head to watch. Trey applied more lube before slowly entering her ass again. She closed her eyes, dropped her head, and just felt. Sam’s cock was barely an inch inside her pussy. All three of them groaned. She’d thought she was full before. That was nothing to now.

With their help and guidance, she moved back and forth. They moved in and out like pistons. Tension piled even higher. She panted, eyes screwed shut. Nothing existed but their touch. Trey released her hips.

“Go for it, baby.”

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