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Remembrance and Gratitude Book 3: A Selection of Poems and Writings

Charles F. Meek (Published by: CCB Publishing)

Formats: pdf - epub

Remembrance and Gratitude Book 3 is the third and final collection of poems and writings by Charles F. Meek paying tribute to our military veterans as well as many community-minded individuals and organizations MORE...

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Legacy and Illusions: Abstract and Artistic Photography

Klaus Bohn (Published by: CCB Publishing)

Formats: pdf - epub

Through his latest work Legacy and Illusions, Klaus Bohn explores abstract and artistic photography. Klaus’ work takes the viewer through a journey of imagination, creativity and passion, all the while emplo MORE...

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B-52 Nose Art

Greg Causey (Published by: Romance Divine LLC)

Formats: pdf - epub - mobi

Danny Causey parked his vehicle at the end of a row of B-52s, put on his sunglasses and pulled on his cap to shield his eyes from the relentless Arizona sun. He walked down endless rows of aircraft, the only so MORE...

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Illustrated Men

Michael Breyette (Published by: ManLoveRomance Press LLC)

Formats: pdf

A thousand words, a single picture... Since artists are often called upon to turn prose into a visual for such things as book covers, I wondered, would writers be able to pick up the creative torch and run i MORE...

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