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Dark Desires: Sold (The Assassin's Dark Romance)

Dark Desires

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 6,477
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Two years ago a chance encounter brought together Marguerite Grey, a woman with a distinct lack of care for the world, and Marcus White, a man who makes a lucrative living as an assassin. In a moment of uncharacteristic spontaneity, Marcus offers Marguerite half a million dollars a year to be his woman.

She accepts.

Now secreted away on a desolate mountain, Marguerite finds her humanity and true love in the arms of a conscience-deficit killer...


“Have you missed me?”

Marcus’s teeth gleamed like bone in the liquid dark place between her thighs. His predator smile told her she was about to be devoured. While Marguerite still had the ability to think coherently, she returned the question back to him with a twist.

“Have you missed me while decreasing the world’s population?”

“I do my part rather well. You would know that if you watched the news. Or read the newspapers. Your phone and laptop get a signal.”

“And I still don’t care enough to do so.” She rested comfortably on her elbows, enjoying the erotic view. “Answer my question.”

Marcus traced her bare slit with the tip of his tongue. “You’re tucked away somewhere between one package delivery and another.” He gripped her thighs with smooth, elegant hands before lowering his head.

Marguerite flung her arms out and fell back against the rumpled sheets. Her delighted giggles bled into soft moans.

“Don’t tease,” she panted. “Been. . .three months. . .since I saw you last!”

Marcus turned his head sideways. He spread her pussy open with surgical precision, knowing exactly how much pressure his fingers needed to apply. His full lips closed hard over her clit. Marcus sucked her, slurping loudly before swishing his tongue.

Marguerite rotated her hips, ravenous to prolong the drugging sensations of Marcus’s dirty, intimate kiss even while eager to end it in a wailing loss of dignity.

Contradictory fucking. Contradictory living. Fucking living.

Marcus released her with a lewd smack. He slipped two fingers inside of her and crooked them before sliding both out. Marguerite felt how wet she was and imagined the long, slim digits glistening as a gorgeous result. Marcus placed his marvelous fingers on her clit and rubbed them from side-to-side very quickly. Just as she shuddered on the precipice, Marcus replaced his fingers with his lips and suckled her gently.

Marguerite’s spine came up off the bed in a violent arch. She cried out, a tormented exuberance bursting from her throat. She loved dying this way. It was absolutely worth living her life of pampered exile if only to have Marcus White make her come on his talented mouth.

He crawled up, sliding his hands over her pale snow flesh. Marcus waited until she opened her eyes. His lips curled at the damp edges, unrestrained from the mimicry of somber intent.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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