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Enchained Dragon


Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 29,452
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There is a world just beyond our own. A world where Fairies and Demons rule, where Fae and Paranormal creatures exist in a dimension parallel to our own. It is the Vargr Realm.

After returning home from Afghanistan, Jason Burge thought that his days of being a soldier were over. What started out as a one night stand for Jason ends in the unbelievable, and not in a good way. Narrowly escaping an enchainment spell with the help of Guy—an Elf—Jason suddenly finds himself dropped in the middle of the Vargr Realm. Caught in the struggle between good and evil, Jason soon discovers that his biggest battle may be the one for Guy’s heart.

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Jason sat down on the edge of the bed. The other three, certain no doubt that his guy would be able to control him, had left them alone, promising to be back later. “Okay, tell me the difference between enchantment and enchainment.”
“Enchantment binds you to another’s will but is temporary and will wear off in time and with distance. Enchainment binds you to another’s will while making you insatiable, not only willing, but desperate for sex from him or whoever he gives you to, and it is binding until death. As elves are much stronger and more viral, death is most often the result of an enchained human.”
With a chill running up his spine, Jason asked, “Where does the eating me part come in—and I don’t mean a BJ.”
With a slight smile first, he said, “Many from Vargr find human flesh appetizing. Estacrewban is a dark elf and has been known to partake of such. There is no sense to many of the things he does. He is evil, but it is possible he has chosen you simply because of your place of employment.”
“I’m a night watchman in a food warehouse,” Jason said with a scoff.
“Yes, a position of insult to a warrior such as yourself. However, many items here are priceless in the Vargr realm. I suspect his objective was to gain control of you to allow him easy access to the stores you protect.” He sniffed and added, “You carry the smell of those stores—chocolate for one, a commodity much favored there—which would have drawn him to you. A trace of some spice also, nutmeg I think—something very rare there.”
While Jason attempted to recall if he’d seen any cartons marked with any chocolate or spices, Asshole made a rapid shift of subjects. “You are calmer now. You have accepted what we have told you?”
“Hey, guy, this has been going on too long to be a drug, right?”
“Guy is the name you have chosen for me?”
“No, it’s—sure why not? As good as any, unless you prefer Asshole.”
“No, I do not. May I ask a question?”
Jason gave him a lopsided grin. “Could I stop you?”
“I ask permission as I do not wish to violate your privacy.”
“Right off hand, I’d say that’s already been done to the max lately.”
“Of your body, yes, but not your thoughts and feelings.”
“If you want to know what I think about all of this—well, shit, Guy, hell if I know yet.”
“I am curious as to why a warrior would choose so menial a position or why one of your caliber would be discarded by your military.”
Jason fisted the covers on each side of him. Did he want this guy knowing every fucking thing about him, including his failures? No. He lied. “They didn’t discard me. I quit.”
Continuing with the lie, Jason said, “Let’s just say some of my squad lost faith in me when they found out I’m gay.” No way was he going to tell him he’s lost his nerve on the battlefield and broken out in a stress produced rash.
“Why should that make a difference?”
“You really don’t see it as any different.”
“As we are immortal and have little interest in reproduction, same sex relationships are as normal as opposites.”
“So you’re saying you never die?”
“Not of natural causes or diseases, but we can be mortally wounded.”
“That other guy, Patrick, said you were young.”
“I am but ninety-seven years.”
“You don’t look more than thirty,” Jason exclaimed. “Are you ever going to age?
“Yes.” Guy sat down beside Jason, leaning toward him, but careful not to touch. “I sense disquiet and unhappiness in you. A turmoil that is disturbing to you. You would find quiet in Vargr. I would be able to visit you often also.”
“In the first place, I’m not going to Vargr, and in the second place, if there’s a war brewing there, that ain’t peaceful.” He didn’t add the only thing that interested him was the thought of visits. Guy had maximum sex appeal, at least to Jason, and Guy wasn’t even putting a whammy on him the way Estacrewban had.
“Then you must join us at WRAITH. We are the inter-dimensional policing agency between our two worlds. I believe you will find the work satisfying. We retrieve any who come here from the Vargr Realm, return them, and neutralize any human witness who may come in contact with them.”
“I’m sure it’s interesting as hell, but like I said, I’m not interested.”
“Until he is captured, Estacrewban will be a threat to you. You cannot win in a battle against him.”
“I’m not letting him dictate my life, either.” Standing, he told him, “I’m going to go home, clean up, get my uniform on, and head to work. You can’t stop me, but you can go with me.”
“I could stop you.”
“Not if you meant what you said about not hurting me. That’s the only way you’d stop me.”
With a sigh, Guy answered, “Very well, I will accompany you. I must alert the others as to where we go.”
“I thought they left.”
“Only to watch from a distance.”
“You wouldn’t be using me as bait, would you?”
“Yes,” Guy answered bluntly.

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