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Fire & Ice (MMM)

Project Zed

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 49,870
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Cpl. Guillaume “Gator” Arnaud did some terrible things while he was with Project Zed. He’d followed orders, battling the enemies he’d been trained to fight. Now a part of the shifter army, he’s worked to atone for the things he did. Along the way, he’s also fallen for one of the human elementals, Dario.

When a dragon shifter arrives on base, he throws a wrench into Gator’s well laid plans. Gator feels an intense attraction to Jaeger—and then learns Dario senses that same attraction to the shifter. Yet when he sees the bond forged between the two other men, he worries he’ll be left out in the cold.

Jaeger doesn’t know about Gator’s past. He fears once the dragon knows the truth, his chance at love will evaporate. Does he go the easy way out and focus on Dario? Or does he throw caution to the wind, and aim for both men—and possibly lose them both?

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Hot and Cold…

Dario dragged his gaze away and continued to ignore the heated looks coming from the dragon. The snow was coming down a little harder now, but the truck was nearly empty.

Just a couple more loads and we can leave.

But did he want to?

Dario loaded up his stack—which was tiny compared to the enormous shifters carrying twice as much in their huge arms—and when he spun to make his trek across the few feet, he ran straight into a hard chest. Hands shot out to right him and his stack, and the touch was electric.

He lifted his stare and met Jaeger’s. Dario had to crane his neck way back to see the man’s face.

“Careful now,” the dragon murmured, his voice deep and dangerous sounding.

A tremor raced up Dario’s spine.

Heat flooded him, but he wasn’t sure if it was lust or his powers being wonky.

Jaeger was huge. Well over a foot taller than Dario, the guy was all muscle—as shown in his t-shirt with cut off sleeves and shorts. What in the hell was the guy doing out there in no sleeves and shorts when it was snowing? Was he mad?

His stare wandered up and down those muscles, more heat spreading through him. A maze of muscles, his finger could easily trace a path along the hills and valleys of sinew and flesh.

Where did that thought come from?

He closed his eyes for a split second and shook his head. “Excuse me.”

Jaeger moved with a grace no man his size should exhibit. Dario walked past, his arm grazing the side of the dragon’s. He forced his legs to put distance between them when all he wanted to do was move closer.

And that thought made it hard to breathe.

After dropping the load of firewood, he escaped the porch and circled to the front of the house. He leaned against the newly wrapped exterior, the crinkle of the covering sounding.

He drew in a few breaths, trying to still his rapidly beating heart. Dario lifted a shaking hand and stared at the wavering fingers before pushing back the hoodie and running them through his hair.


The growled word had been repeating in his head for the last few minutes. It had both frightened him…

And utterly seduced him.

The look he’d seen on Jaeger’s face in that moment had almost made him drop to his knees right then and there. The only reason he hadn’t…

An image of Gator’s face had come to mind.

For months he’d had a series of near misses with the soldier. He’d utterly fallen for Gator, but still couldn’t bring himself to accept an offer of a date.

Fear held him back.

Dario frowned, pissed at himself.

He was tired of being gripped by that fear.

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