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Healed Hearts (FMMM)

Third Bite

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 17,760
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Lucas and Thomas believed themselves unusually blessed to have found their third mate within only three hundred years of becoming vampires. Unfortunately, once they turned Piers, that empty, lonely feeling is still there—within all of them. Ten years of strained relations lead them to a ball where an old friend helps them track down a woman they have all dreamt of.

Maryanne has been thrown out of London in punishment for allowing her fiancé into her bed. She is travelling to meet her new horrid husband-to-be, when she is accosted by three male vampires, all claiming to want to love her.

What is a shamed lady meant to do? Her duty? To marry the horrible old Lord, or risk loving three men who are the answer to her prayers?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (FMMM), anal sex, orgies

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“Please, I am so sorry for the last years apart. I’ll do anything you like. I just need you both tonight.”

Lucas flew on top of him and knocked him flat.

Piers gasped when Lucas gripped his wrists and pinned him to the bed.

“We want all of you or none of you, Piers. Be with us. Love us. Stop searching for a one-night whore.”

Piers struggled but found himself helpless beneath his three hundred year old mate. His cock surged against Lucas. It wanted him so badly.

Lucas sat up and straddled Piers’s waist but held down Piers’s arms still.

“Do you want that or not?”

Piers nodded. Of course he did. He had never truly wanted the lovers he taken on in the past. It had been just another way of punishing them, and in the long run, himself.

He wriggled, loving the feeling of Lucas’s hot skin touching his. Being held still under his mate was flaring his lust higher.

“Say it.” Lucas growled at him. His green eyes had flecks of yellow, and when he was impassioned they showed even more.

“I won’t stray anymore. We will find our fourth, or I will be happy with you two. Nowhere in between.”

Lucas stared into his eyes for a minute as though testing his honesty. Then his large lover bent his head and devoured Piers’s mouth.

Piers moaned, tears prickling his eyes. No one kissed like Lucas. He had missed him so much.

Lucas broke off and moved his pelvis up so that his knees were just below Piers’s arm pits, and he thrust his pelvis forward.

Lucas’s cock was right in Piers’s face now. He moaned. It was so beautiful. Long and thick with bulging veins. Very much like Lucas’s entire body. Piers had always loved how big Lucas was. He was perfect.

Piers grabbed it with one hand and sucked the head greedily into his mouth.

A surprised yelp escaped his throat as he felt Thomas caress his hard cock with his hand. Piers sucked more of Lucas into his mouth and moaned as Thomas sucked Piers’s cock into his mouth.

Incredible. Oh, it has been too long. Piers’s balls tightened in response to the intense pleasure, and he relaxed his jaw as Lucas began to pump into him, thrusting hard and fast.

Piers used his tongue whilst he sucked.

“Swallow me, lover.” Lucas grabbed Piers’s hair and fucked his mouth hard.

Piers jerked and swallowed the sweet, thick cum that spurted into his mouth. Lucas had always tasted so good.

Lucas pulled back and flipped Piers over onto his belly, then pulled him up onto his knees. As Piers felt one of them move between his legs, he opened them wide.

It had been years since he’d been fucked.

In the last five years of fucking strangers, he had always found women. No man could compare to his vampires, so he had never tried to replace them. He ached for the penetration, nay, the possession, only his men could give him.

Slicked fingers oiled him up, and he turned to see Thomas behind him.

Thomas smiled, his fangs white and sharp. He pressed his long cock to Piers’s arse and pushed the head into him.

Pain pierced Piers, and he groaned. Then Thomas thrust hard, and pleasure spread all the way through Piers’s belly.

“Oh fuck. Yes, Tommy...” Piers chanted, using the nickname for Thomas once again. It was a pet name that he hadn’t used in many years but felt so right now.

Lucas’s face appeared in front of him.

“Don’t come, Piers.”

Piers frowned, his cock swelling as Thomas fucked him deeper and harder.

“I’m going to come if Tommy keeps doing that.”

Thomas thrust in and out, his moans of pleasure echoing around Piers’s room and pushing his lust higher.

Piers panted, and his balls tightened. He was so close to final bliss.

“You are not allowed to come, Piers.” Lucas leaned forward and bit his bottom lip, which caused enough pain to dampen his arousal.

Thomas came loudly, filling him with hot cum. Piers shuddered, his orgasm on the brink of no return.

Thomas pulled out of him as soon as he had stopped moaning and began stroking Piers’s back.

“Good boy.”

Piers shuddered and laid his head down on the mattress. He had been so close. He was aching and frustrated. He wanted to scream, and he wanted to cry.

“Are you two punishing me?” His voice sounded pathetic even to his own ears, yet there was no way to stop it.

A cruel laugh sounded, and he was flipped, spread eagled on the bed. He was helpless once again. Not physically, and he didn’t care about that. He was helpless under the weight of their need and his love for them.

Lucas held his arms down, his face tight with hunger, and Thomas lay across his legs. As a pair, they were unbeatable.

Thomas spoke, his voice deep and smooth, yet his body shook with tension.

“Piers, you have punished us for long enough. No more lovers that aren’t good enough for you. No more withholding from us. Tonight we will give you so much pleasure you will never leave us again.”

Thomas’s voice broke on the last word, and he swallowed obviously, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

A single tear slid down Piers cheek, undone by his mate’s words.

He hadn’t realized before tonight how much he had hurt them, withdrawing as he had. He had only known his own pain, his own feelings of inadequacy. Punishing them had felt like his only course at the time. He had known nothing else.

So, for the remaining hour they had before sunrise, they set about torturing him in the best possible way. Luc and Tommy brought him to the brink over and over again with their hands and their mouths. They took turns holding him down and loving his nipples, his cock, his lips. Every time he got close to screaming his mates would stop, soothe him, kiss him, bring him down from the pinnacle.

He had never known such pleasure, or such pain. He thought they would never stop.

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