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If You Can't Stand the Heat (FF)


Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 12,295
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A chili cook-off at the local Pride Center sounds like fun for Reese and Kayla. But even the small act of deciding on a recipe to enter builds tension between the two women.

On the day of the event, free-spirited Jane enters the picture. Kayla is tempted by Jane’s striking pink hair and seductive ways.

Would she really leave Reese for a woman she barely knows? Will a simple pot of chili end in romance or disaster?


The cook-off was scheduled to end at noon. By 11:30, Reese and Kayla both realized that they had very little chance of winning the cook-off. The most popular entries seemed to be the older woman’s offering and the vegan version. Kayla said nothing, not wanting to annoy Reese. Besides, most of her brain was focused on thinking about Jane and her fascinating wavy hair.

The judges had come around at about 11:00 and tasted all the entries without expression. The results were set to be announced at 12:15. Reese, looking a bit forlorn, started packing up and storing the remaining chili. Kayla looked around to see whether Jane was still there.

She was. When Reese carried the container of left-over chili out to the car, Kayla took the opportunity to walk over to where Jane stood, reading the contents of the center bulletin board.


“Hey, yourself”, said Jane, turning to face Kayla. “Glad you’re still here.” And then, “Care to show me around the center?”

Kayla gave one glance back toward their chili station -- Reese was nowhere in sight. “Sure.” And she headed toward the movie room. Jane followed.

At the door of the movie room, the two women stopped in the doorway. Kayla thought that she should turn the light on, but she didn’t. Jane moved closer to her, pressing her arm up against Kayla’s side.

Kayla felt like her voice belonged to someone else. “We have the Lesbian Movie Night here. On Wednesdays ...”

Jane spoke close to Kayla’s ear, “Maybe I’ll come.” Kayla shocked herself by hearing a sexual connotation in this remark.

“Okay,” said Kayla. “Come on this way.” And she walked toward the center’s kitchen.

There was no one in the kitchen. Jane and Kayla again stood in the doorway -- this time in silence. Kayla could not keep herself from lightly touching Jane’s hair. Jane leaned her head back so that Kayla’s hand felt the pressure. The silence of the dark kitchen seemed to throb in tension.

“Thank you, Kayla,” whispered Jane. “I think I’ll like this Pride Center. And I know I like you.”

Kayla couldn’t think of anything remotely sensible to say. So she turned to face Jane -- and kissed her. Jane did not seem the least bit surprised. She kissed Kayla back, and they remained for a moment locked in an embrace. Kayla felt the other woman’s arms go around her waist, and then move down to her behind. She felt a pulse of desire start between her legs.

At that, she moved away -- only a few inches, but it broke the moment. Jane backed away a bit, too.

“Hey -- I didn’t mean to move too fast.”

“Yeah -- me either. You know about Reese ...”

“Of course. But I do feel a definite connection. And I think you feel the same.”

Kayla moved out into the hallway, feeling guilty and frightened by her own attraction.

“I need to get back. Reese is probably ready to go by now ...”

Jane took Kayla’s hand and squeezed it. “Well, thanks for the tour. I’m sure I’ll see you sometime here at the Center.”

Kayla returned the hand pressure and smiled. Then, without a word, she slipped away and returned to her chili station to find Reese. The feel of Jane’s lips, and the pulsing heat they had started, lingered in her mind.