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Officer Needs Assistance (MM, MF)


Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 24,048
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Rookie police officer Sean Patton’s world is turned upside down when he’s shot while out on a domestic disturbance call. Sean is saved by his ballistic vest but is still injured, emotionally and physically. To make matters worse, he has to hide his sexuality.

His girlfriend, an attorney seven years his senior, is his saving grace, nursing him with good deeds and plenty of loving. He also enjoys the attentions of his best friend Jeremy, who was his lover college. And things are further complicated by his sexy and muscled captain, who admits to being bisexual, too.

Unfortunately in 1970s America, being anything other than straight is not on the menu. What’s a new officer to do? Will he lose his girlfriend when she discovers he’s attracted to men, too?


He guzzled the rest of the current beer, took another, and continued talking to the tape recorder.

“I thought depression hurt when I was in high school. It’s worse now. Shit, why do I feel bad for killing a guy that tried to kill me? Am I too moral? They say not to drink if you’re depressed because it makes things worse. You know what? I think they’re right. I feel worse. I’m clearly fucked up, talking to a tape recorder -- and there is a lot of scared little boy in me.”

He hit the stop button just before sleep seized him.

Sean returned to consciousness with the knocking at his door. He jumped up and stumbled over. His fingers fumbled to unlock it.

Debbie stood there. “Hey, baby, were you sleeping? Did you forget I was coming over to cook dinner?”

“Aww, Debbie, hell no. I had a few beers, and shit, I fell asleep without setting an alarm. I’m sorry.”

The sleek attorney strolled in and tossed her head to free her face of hair. Both arms held grocery bags. She glided by Sean to set them on the counter. He followed wiping his eyes.

She turned, applied an arresting hug, and kissed her sleepy Sean. “Yuck, you’ve got dog breath. You need a shower and mouthwash. Do you want me to take you in there and clean you?” A huge grin crawled onto her face revealing white teeth in perfect rows. Her hand slipped low to cup Sean’s cock and nuts held within his white briefs. “Those briefs are sexy on you, but I’m getting tired of white. We should shop for some hot colors.” She gave a gentle, and then a harder, squeeze, and dug her fingernails in. His half-hard cock grew to full attention.

Sean looked at her, kissed her chin, and lowered his gaze to survey her thin white blouse. The top button was undone allowing a peek at the dark blue bra. The red skirt was just a bit longer than the popular mini-skirts. Fishing for an ego-boosting compliment, he groaned. “Do you realize you are the first girl to date me for more than six months? You must have low self-esteem to think I’m the best you can find.” He released a wise-assed grin.

“Oh, baby, those others girls didn’t know what I know. You’re sexy, smart and I bet your IQ is in the superior range. I love that you’re not a typical asshole cop just looking for pussy.” She gave his cheek a peck. “You’re respectful at the right times and little-boy funny when I need uplifting.” His other cheek got the same treatment. “You cook, clean, are housebroken, and you know just where to bite me. I know you’re going to climb that ladder of rank. You’ve sure climbed into my heart.”

And despite his doggy breath, she stole a deep kiss. “Did I mention that I love you, baby?” Her arms encircled his torso.

His arms captured her. “You make me feel so good. Um, I love you, too.”

“Why is that so hard for guys to say?”

An embarrassed smile crept to his face. “Um, that’s the way we come from the factory?”

She laughed and smacked his butt twice. “Go shower. I’ll start cooking.”

* * * *

Sean rushed from the bathroom to the kitchen in a fresh pair of white briefs, to turn off the flame for the pot that boiled over. He wondered why Debbie didn’t respond to the sizzling sound, and then he realized what she cradled.

She sat in a clump on his futon bed. Her face was white with taut brows and a clenched jaw. She gripped his tape recorder.

Fuck, why didn’t I hide that? His own intoxicated speech filled the room from the tape she played.

She turned it off. They stared at each other. “Well, this is one hell of a surprise. So you’re gay.”

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