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Sex, Love, And The Spacetime Pinch

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 37,855
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Ensign Lara Stone’s deepest desire is to become a member of the Naval Aerospace Command’s first space expedition to find a planet similar to Earth. What she wishes for lands her and the two male crew members on a fantastic new world. Alien plant life and air filled with human pheromones heighten the urge for sex, introducing Lara, Captain Tenn, and Lieutenant Gordon to pleasure beyond their wildest fantasies.

But unforeseen dangers lurk beyond the dark cliffs that guard their ethereal landing zone, and upon a return trip, the three must work together, along with additional crew members, to protect the tempting alien species. With erotic episodes occurring every time the planet’s comet passes over, however, concentrating on danger becomes quite a challenge.


“Easy does it, Ensign,” he reminded her. “Curb your enthusiasm. Save it for me.”

She turned and stared at him. No, despite that sexy smile, he was just fooling around again. He couldn’t be serious…could he?

“This spot is splendid, Captain…and there’s no way I can go off half-cocked,” she teased. “Don’t deny you’re as excited as I am to find our mission is a success. After all this time…”

“Roger that, but let’s reel in our eagerness. Save the euphoria until we finish exploring. You never know what we’ll run into.”

“Okay, Spoilsport.” Grinning, she tucked her spacesuit-covered arm around Tenn’s, surprised at how comfortable she felt. Her face tingled where the fresh alien air touched her skin. The sensation was invigorating, but it was the man towering over her who offered protection along with excitement.

She could cope—she’d been well trained. But in this gorgeous spot, her annoyance about being treated differently floated away. Rather than bristle at his orders, she felt a tiny thrill at his concern.

They walked over to the colorful trees, their branches spread above them. Lara put out her hand but stopped short of touching. “The bark is quite different from Earth trees,” she said, a slight hesitation in her voice. She moved closer. “It’s not cracked and peeling. Rather like a chocolate bar—rich brown and smooth. Is it safe to take off my glove and feel it?”

Tenn checked the nanochip computer behind his ear. “No bad vibes. Go ahead.”

Laying down her helmet, she removed a glove and skimmed her fingertips over the bark. “It does feel like a candy bar. But even more—” she swallowed as her pupils widened “—like human skin. A baby’s soft skin.”

Tenn pulled off a glove and laid his large hand flat on the bark. “I’ll be damned. It feels quite pleasant. Warm and—”

“Sensuous,” added Lara. They glanced at each other, and she giggled. “That’s what exploring new planets promised—sensational experiences.”

“In both senses of the word,” Tenn agreed, chuckling. “Wait till Gordon gets his sticky scientific fingers on this life form. Chocolate candy, indeed.”

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