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Stolen Promise

The Mordainia Series

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 88,525
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Crown Prince Stefan Vanechka has no choice but to accept the bride chosen for him, whom he’s never met. The woman chosen to be his queen has the gift of second sight and because of this, he will do what he must in order to protect his people and his throne, even if it means taking a wife he doesn’t want.

Kristian Petroviya never knew she was betrothed at birth to the future King of Mordainia. Rather, she was raised by an aunt who used her gift for her own advantage. Marriage to anyone, least of all a future king, was the furthest thing on her mind and the last thing she wished to do.

As they journey on, neither can deny the growing attraction between them. But when Kristian discovers the truth as to why he has come for her, and what her gift means for the future of his reign, it threatens to destroy not only lifelong friendships and growing trust, but Mordainia’s existence as well.


A chilled sense of dread stole over her. “I have no papers.” She cast a quick glance over her shoulder, mindful of Marie’s presence and painfully aware of just how small her shop was. “May we discuss this somewhere else? I’d rather my employee not overhear.”

“Of course.” The tightness around the chancellor’s lips eased, blood coming back to fill in what had been a narrow white line. “We can discuss this in your apartment, if you prefer.”

She turned an incredulous stare first to the prince, then to the chancellor. “I beg your pardon, but that would hardly be wise. I don’t know either of you, and I’m not in the habit of bringing men I don’t know into my home.”

Stefan sighed. “We have no time for this, Miss Petroviya. Now, if you would but cooperate…we need know if you are Kristian Petroviya. That is all.”

“But I’ve told you, I have no papers to prove who I am.” The floor creaked behind her, on the opposite side of the wall. Marie with her ear pressed to the plaster no doubt. Kristian stepped closer to both men, feeling the gentle strain on her voice as she lowered it to ask, “Will I be arrested if I cannot produce these papers you seek?”

For some reason, that seemed to strike Stefan as amusing and he surprised her by smiling. “Of course not. But you must have some way to prove your identity.”

Why did they push so hard about these nonexistent papers? She’d been raised in Lestav. Everyone had known her since she was a young girl, so why on earth would she need to prove her identity to anyone?

Still, what a difference a smile made. Now she could see why so many women in Mordainia fairly swooned at the mere mention of the Crown Prince’s name. He was most definitely swoon-worthy. A bit over-demanding, perhaps, but definitely swoon-worthy.

“Why would you think so? I’ve never needed to prove it before.”

Sakorev’s expression grew staid. “Because Kristian Petroviya is the betrothed of Crown Prince Stefan. She is to be the future Queen of Mordainia.”