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The Wicked Witch and the Switch

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: No Rating
Word Count: 5,668
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The Good Fairy wakes up and screams. Her hands are gnarly and bent. The Wicked Witch has cast a spell and switched bodies with the Good Fairy. Can the Good Fairy reverse the spell? Who will believe her?


The Wicked Witch left her cottage in the middle of the bog and stood in the gentle drizzle. Normally, the rain would cheer her up, but today it wasn’t working.

“I want a change,” she stated.

She started to cackle, a hideous noise that even frightened the crows. They quickly took flight, as they knew when the Wicked Witch started to laugh someone else was going to cry.

“I know. Why should the Good Fairy live in a mansion when I’m forced to live in this hovel? She gets all the adoration and I get none. I’ll show her.”

She pulled out her sharp knife and walked over to a nearby tree, cutting down a young branch. “This will be perfect for my spell.”

She hurried back into her home. The broomstick tried to slip away unnoticed. It didn’t work.

“Broomstick, I need you. Follow me.”

The Wicked Witch headed into her spell room. The magic cauldron was bubbling in the corner. “I wonder what the Good Fairy is up to... magic cauldron, show me the Good Fairy.”

The cauldron stopped bubbling and the surface became still. For a second it became a mirror, and the Wicked Witch saw herself looking down. She laughed. “Soon those warts will all be gone.”

The surface clouded over and when it cleared, the Wicked Witch could see the Good Fairy. She was alone in what looked like her bedroom, combing her long fine blonde hair.

“Yes, this is the perfect time. Broomstick, come here.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“I’m going to fall over. When I do, I want you to sweep this branch away. Put it with the firewood. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress.”

The witch trimmed the small branch with her knife. “Yes, it’s ready. Oh, I almost forgot. Broomstick, if I ask about it, don’t tell me.”


“Just do it. It doesn’t matter what I say, this order cannot be overridden.”

The Good Fairy walks in and the Wicked Witch walks out,

The switch will bring the change about.

The Wicked Witch dropped the branch and fell to the floor. The broomstick very quickly tidied up.