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Theoretical Love (FF)


Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 11,930
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Dr. Rachel Grande has the life she’s always wanted. She’s the youngest tenured professor at her university, has an amazing circle of friends, and she’s linked to the greatest discovery in the history of her city. What more could she ask for?

Then Rachel meets an archivist with a connection to her past and her rock solid world tilts on its axis. The delectable Etta McCall is sophisticated and sexy, and she makes Rachel’s head spin with a desire so intense it makes her more than a little nervous.

If Rachel can just put the past behind her, she can have it all, but is she strong enough to let go and fall in love?

Be Warned: f/f sex

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“Dr. Grande? I’m Etta McCall.”

Rachel turned slowly, extending her hand automatically, and stopped dead, her mouth dropping open. The woman standing before her was absolutely gorgeous. Rachel’s gaze traveled the length of her body, from her long, lean legs, highlighted by a pair of man-eater high heels, to the black pencil skirt and white blouse, so professional, yet so utterly fucking sexy.

Rachel lifted her gaze the remaining distance, taking in the woman’s long neck, decorated with just a simple gold chain with a diamond pendant, and a face that made her swallow hard. Rachel felt butterflies take flight inside her stomach, sending ripples of sexual awareness through her like a tidal wave of sensation. She blinked and cleared her throat, trying to remember how to act normally.

The stunning creature before her didn’t seem to notice her lapse in reality and simply slipped her hand into Rachel’s still outstretched one. The contact of their palms sent another shiver of lust racing through Rachel’s body. She swallowed the gasp that wanted to escape, and stared, fascinated, into Etta McCalls’s endless dark pupils. As she watched, unable to tear her gaze away, Rachel saw a flash of awareness pass through the woman’s eyes, and her heart, so unused to attraction, skipped a beat in sheer hope.

“Hello.” Rachel managed to force the word out through her overly dry throat as she reluctantly pulled back her hand and noticed that the tingling didn’t stop. The urge to reach back out and touch felt suddenly imperative, so she laced her fingers together and hoped to God she didn’t do something stupid. After a moment, she remembered the purpose of her visit and her curiosity took over, letting her focus. “I was told you wanted to speak with me about my great-grandmother.” She smiled, pleased with herself for having sounded like a normal person.

Etta smiled brightly, her eyes lighting up with excitement. “Come into my office and I’ll show you.” She clapped her hands together, bringing them to her mouth.

Rachel followed her movement, delighted by this stranger’s adorable reaction. Etta looked as enthusiastic about the origins of the journals as she felt. With a bright grin, Etta turned and started toward the back of the room. Rachel followed.

The sound of Etta’s heels clicking against the tile floor drew Rachel’s attention to the woman’s long legs. They were exquisite and would look amazing tangled in her sheets or slung over her shoulders. Rachel bit down hard on her lip to stop her dirty mind from taking over, but at the pace she was going, there was little chance of that.

It had been ages since she’d had this potent of a reaction to someone, maybe never. She sent a silent prayer to whatever deity was listening that the stunning Ms. McCall was into women.

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