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Waves of Desire - Book Two of Melusine’s Daughters Series

Melusine’s Daughters Series

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 75,000
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The only thing harder than forgiving someone else – is forgiving yourself.

In this second volume of the Melusine’s Daughters’ trilogy, mermaid Amina is the Chief Counselor for her people thanks to her gift of empathy, an ability made stronger by the Stone of Strength, a green sapphire worked into the bracelet she has worn since she was 19. But wearing one of three Stones of Power has a cost. Amina’s hurt people she loves, telling them things they don’t want to know and now she’s the target of a power hungry Oceanide who wants control of the Stone. To keep it–and her–safe she’s going to have to leave everything behind.

Fortunately, she knows the perfect place to pass the time.

Former New York City police officer Jonathan Bartlett took the job at the adults-only Suadela Resort to get away from the memories of his partner’s death. Living on the island in the middle of nowhere has been perfect. He can ignore the occasional nightmare that wakes him up in a cold sweat.

What he can’t ignore is Amina, first when he sees her naked on the beach and later when she turns up as a guest at the resort. When her bracelet becomes the target of the local crime gangs, he is more than happy to be her body guard.

For Jonathan, the insightful woman is stirring more than his libido while Amina discovers that loving people and protecting them cannot always go hand in hand.

And the dangers on land are nothing compared to what waits for them both at sea.


Damn, she was sexy. Everything about her was appealing. Arousing.

But she wasn’t allowed to be out naked on resort property.

When he was closer, he heard her humming. He didn’t recognize the song, but it was beautiful. Clearing his throat and hoping not to startle her, he said “Excuse me, miss, but this isn’t a nude beach.” There was no response so he walked a little closer. “I don’t mean to bother you, but even though it’s early, you’re not permitted to sunbathe naked on this property.”

She took a deep breath which raised her breasts, which were full and real, but other than that she gave no acknowledgement she’d heard him. As he walked next to her, he saw she was lightly tanned all over, but there were no lines to mar the perfection of her skin. Either she’d found the best tanning salon in the world, or she regularly laid out in the sun naked. Something told him it was the latter.

Finally, he was close enough to cast a shadow over her face. She turned to him and opened her eyes. He was momentarily dazzled by their deep green color.

“You can’t sunbathe naked here.”

“I’m not naked,” she said in a soft, sexy voice that sounded as though she’d just woken from a wonderful dream. “I’m wearing this.” She held out her right arm which he didn’t see before, he was too busy looking at her sexy figure, and the sunlight caught the facets of the jewels in her bracelet. It was as stunning as she was. Heavy but delicate at the same time and like nothing he’d ever seen before.

“I don’t think that counts.”

“Too bad,” she said