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Werewolf at the Zoo

Wolves of Stone Ridge

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 30,625
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Helping his brother escape the zoo, Rainy discovers more than just an array of animals.

Rainy scouts the zoo, planning a mission to rescue his brother, who’d been sold by poachers while in wolf form. He gets a whiff of the most intoxicating scent, the man Travis Carlyle, his mate. But he quickly finds out that before he can claim the handsome veterinarian, Rainy has to convince Travis that he’s worth coming out of the closet for.

Travis leads a quiet, discreet life, avoiding any situation that could possibly out him to his family. After so many years alone, Travis finds the love, affection, and acceptance Rainy offers him too hard to resist. But just when he decides Rainy might be worth the persecution of revealing his sexuality, he discovers Rainy has been keeping secrets, a lot of secrets: Werewolves, Shifters, Mates? When he watches a shift with his own eyes, Travis is forced to accept the truth.

Too bad not everyone wants Travis to know the wolves’ secrets, tossing him into a feud between shifters. When Travis’s father tries to come between them, can Rainy convince Travis to choose a dangerous, love-filled life with him instead of the comfortable, quiet existence he’s led with his family?

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great neew series

- cwbylvr

This book led me to read the following stories just to see how things went with the other characters introduced in this one. And I have enjoyed all those I have read so far.

- Sylvrwolf

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The sunlight filtering through his eyelids from a nearby window made Travis wonder how he’d forgotten to pull the blinds the night before. He cracked an eye open and saw an unfamiliar, heavy wood dresser. Travis frowned. Memories of last night seeped into his mind. Then the heavy weight of an arm around his waist registered and he stiffened.

“Relax, darling. It’s too early to be thinkin’ so hard. Nothing happened.”

The half-asleep state deepened the man’s accent. God, that was so sexy. He had to bite back a moan, but the shudder he couldn’t hide.

Rainy chuckled, shaking his chest. “Aye, I think ye liked that.”

The whispered words sent warm currents of air across the short hairs on the back of his neck, and Travis shivered again. The arm around his waist tightened, pulling his back flush to Rainy’s chest. The man smoothed his hand over the quivering muscles of his stomach and slid beneath his boxers to caress the curls surrounding his dick. Heat flushed from his neck through his chest to his groin, and he gasped, his cock jerking.

His chest heaved as he tried to suck in enough air to breath. Travis stared at the dresser, but he didn’t really see it. He should stop Rainy. He shouldn’t allow this to go any further. But the man’s hand on him felt so good, he couldn’t make his throat form the words, or get his body to move. Suddenly, a fist that wasn’t his own wrapped around Travis’s morning wood. His body bucked and this time he couldn’t hold in the groan. “Rainy,” he hissed, feeling the callused hand slide up and down his hard shaft.

“Yeah, baby? What is it?”

Rainy continued to massage his dick and all his blood flowed southward, making speech impossible as his cock throbbed. The man rubbed his thumb over the head of his cock, scooping up the generous amounts of pre-cum that leaked from his tip. Rainy tightened his grip and began to stroke. Travis’s breathing slowed further until he panted. “Rainy,” he cried out, trying to breathe. “Please!”

“Want to come, sweetness? Need release?”

“Yesssss, please!” He hardly recognized his own voice and couldn’t have stopped the begging if his life depended on it. He needed to come. He needed that callused hand to stroke him faster, harder. He needed release. He rocked shamelessly against the man, his ass pushing back against Rainy’s hard shaft behind him before rocking forward through his fist.

His whimpered cries were answered when Rainy’s hand tightened and moved faster. He could feel the hard dick against his lower back. Warm, wet liquid leaked from Rainy’s cock where he rubbed against him. A groan escaped his lips. “Oh, God. Harder,” he moaned as he felt the telltale tingle at the base of his spine.

“That’s it, baby. Show me that ye like me hand on yer dick,” Rainy’s sexy voice hissed into his ear. “Come for me, darling. Come all over me hand. I want to feel it.”


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