Trouble (MF)
New Crescent
by Mary Lou George
Just a Taste of Me (MM)
Wolf Creek Pack
by Stormy Glenn
Pack (MM)
The Pack
by Teya Martin
Haunted (MF)
by Kristine Twining
Avanti (MMM)
Zeus's Pack
by Lynn Hagen
Sex Drive (MFM)
Country Roads
by Natalie Acres
Vegas Moon (MF)
Stiletto Sanction
by R. M. Sotera
The Journal Keeper (MFM)
by Leerene Evans
Plenty to Believe (MFM)
Plenty, FL
by Lara Valentine
Taking Chance (MM)
Rocky Mountain Man Hunt
by Taylor Brooks
Three of a Perfect Pair (MMF)
Hell's Delight
by Karen Mercury
The Baroness of Clawynd (MF)
Kingdom of Kerban
by Morgan Henry
The Hunter (MF)
The Daemon Wars
by K.D. Austin
Of Fear and Faith (MF)
Death and Destiny Trilogy
by N. D. Jones
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