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An Avocado in Vegas

Lola Avocado

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 43,774
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Watch out sin city, Lola Avocado is at it again!

This time the girls are taking it on the road and Vegas may never be the same.  After a surprise visit from her ex-husband, the lounge singer, Lola gets the chance to go to Las Vegas to represent the company at a vendor conference.  Little does she know that she will find herself in the middle of a jewelry heist gone wrong.  Buckle up because on this trip to Vegas anything can happen including being the main event at a dominatrix fashion show! 

The tension mounts as all bets are off in this second installment of the Lola Avocado series, An Avocado in Vegas, because just like Lola says, "sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas."

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The scorching sun beat down on my face and bare shoulders. Sweat trickled down between my boobs and made me cranky. The clinking of the chain grated on my nerves almost as much as the person attached to the other end. She rattled the handcuff again shaking my arm in the process. I wanted to smack her hard across the face but that would expend too much energy, a precious commodity in my current situation. No, Jennifer Conch wasn’t worth depleting the last store of energy I had left. If I was going to die in this forsaken desert, I wasn’t going to do it by slapping her.

The thought was almost ironic. Here I was, left for dead in the burning heat of the Las Vegas desert, handcuffed to possibly one of the most irritating people I could imagine. There was a time when Jennifer was my number one arch nemesis, but that was before my ex-husband had waltzed his way back in to my life. If I got out of this alive, he was going to regret the day he double-crossed me.

“What now?” Jennifer’s voice was as parched as I felt.

“Well...” I paused for a moment, staring at the retreating dust cloud that had been our ride. “…now I go to Vegas and find the man that kidnapped both my ex’s, handcuffed us together, and stole my shoes...”

“What are you gonna do?” Jennifer asked, trying to keep up with me as I began hiking back to the hardtop.

“I’m gonna make that bastard pay,” I growled as I drug her behind me back to salvation.