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Avtappi Express


eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 16,812
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Exhausted from war, grieving the loss of his first rider, Dynami returns to Okyro uncertain what the future might hold. He gains a new rider and under S’Yrinim’s steady hand, he heals and learns to enjoy life once more.

But life can be as dangerous in the courier service as it is on the Line, and not everyone will be as accepting of a hybrid as S’Yrinim is. Dynami is forced to choose between peace and duty, and his life may hang in the balance.

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“You must be Dynami,” the priest said after studying him for a minute.

Dynami bobbed his head in agreement and sent a mental greeting as well.

S’Yrinim smiled, stepped forward and placed a hand on his head right between his horn nubs. “I am S’Yrinim; I am one of the couriers. We are responsible for carrying messages swiftly and safely across the land. It’s an interesting life, mostly on the road, and there is some danger involved. I need a new steed because my dear Fiella has been retired to the breeding stock. In fact, she’s already in foal to Vyld. I didn’t want to part from her, but a life on the road is hard enough on an avtappi without the additional burden of pregnancy. So, here I am, searching for a new avtappi to ride.”

To that end, the priest was meeting the avtappi considered available by the Thezi command. “There has to be a good fit, mentally, for the partnership to work. I don’t have the time or the desire to argue with my mount or even to work with one whose reflexive reactions aren’t what I expect. It’s easier on you, as well, if we’re well matched.”

Dynami found that he rather liked S’Yrinim; the man was interesting and his mental voice was strong. He thought the life the man was talking about sounding interesting. The priest, however, didn’t seem so sure about him.

“You’re quite a bit larger than I had in mind,” S’Yrinim said dubiously, his eyes raking over Dynami’s solidly muscled form.

Dynami snorted smoke and sent images of himself in full plate armor, being ridden by a scarlet-hemmed priest also in full plate. He followed this with images of what a full charge of the heavy cavalry looked like from his perspective. Dynami was a war steed, and there was no mistaking that.

“I need speed more than strength.”

The next images he sent were of himself racing Vyld and almost catching him. It was a challenge to S’Yrinim to try him and see how fast he was.

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