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Black Owned: The Collection: Volume 2: Books 4 - 6

Romance Divine LLC

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 36,417
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The second three Black Owned themed books by erotic and fetish author Constance Pennington Smythe has been assembled into this Volume 2 collection. The books include Club Cuckold, Black Owned: Sissy Fluffy’s Downfall and Black Daddy: White Sissy. The books have been re-edited, tweaked and assembled in reading order. The stories contain scenes of Dominant Females, Black Masters, chastity, cuckolds, cross dressing, sissy maids and humiliation. Note: While the manuscripts have been tweaked there is NO new content, all the original characters, scenes, dialogue and story lines are intact. If you bought the original books, the story has not changed. This collection simply puts a cleaner version all in one place in reading order. The discounted collection price represents a good buy over purchasing the individual books for someone who has not read them. FROM the AUTHOR: When I first wrote Black Owned (OMG, it seems ages ago!) it was a one-off, simply a short story on a new theme: Interracial BDSM. It was never intended to be a ‘series’. Yet, it sold. And sold. Much better than my other fetish fiction: Gay, Lesbian, Vanilla Bedroom Bondage, etc. So my publisher said we should do more. And we did, rolling out several other “Black Owned” themed books. It was a series only in that they all dealt with the Interracial BDSM theme. Any of the books could have been read on their own. And now, the second set of three of these works has been assembled into this Volume 2 collection. I have taken the opportunity to look over the manuscripts, fix errors, and do a rewrite here or there to clarify a scene. But the characters, content, scenes and dialogue remain intact. If you’ve purchased and read the original individual books there is nothing “new” here for you here. As I said, these books are not necessarily a series in the strict sequential sense, however they do have some recurring characters that crop up here and there (something I borrowed from the late, great Robert B. Parker) so I have assembled the books in this collection in that order. To reiterate, there is nothing “new” here, but if you’d like the tweaked versions, all in one place and in ‘order’, here it is my darlings. Although two characters from Black Owned: Life Sentence are mentioned at the end of Club Cuckold, I did not include Black Owned: Life Sentence in this work due to its length of 53,000 words. Its omission does not affect the flow or storylines of the other works. Enjoy, C. P.Smythe

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Excerpt 1:

“How do I look?” Sara twirled in front of the mirror, checking herself in profile.
“Very nice, Mistress,” Miles said, “very sexy.”
Sara turned away from the mirror, looking over her shoulder and practicing her best come-hither flirt while checking out her bottom. “I think so too.” She ran her hands over the sides of her dress following the curve of the skin-tight fabric.
“Get my shoes,” she ordered.
Miles curtsied and wiggled across the room to Sara’s walk-in closet. He took down the box with the Sam Edelman black patent Novato platform stilettos and carried them back to Sara, who was sitting at her vanity table.
She extended a foot as Miles slipped on the exquisite shoe.
He noticed when she sat that the body-hugging mini-dress revealed the garter straps holding up her black fishnet stockings.
She stood, again walking to the mirror. “So, Missy, do you think James is going to like this look?”
“Oh yes, Mistress looks beautiful and desirable.” His heart sank as he watched his wife/Mistress primp and pose in front of the mirror. She did look sexy, in a trashy/slutty sort of way. The dress was skin-tight, revealing every bump, bulge and roll. At sixty-three Sara had the body of a college cheerleader, two-and-a-half cheerleaders, in fact. But Master James does find her incredibly sexy; and his attentions make her happy, so… He watched as she ran her hands over her bottom, and imagined James doing the same thing with his strong hands.
Sara giggled, “My ass in this dress should make James insane; don’t you think, Missy?”
“Yes, Mistress, your bottom is most exquisite.” Master James did love her bottom, and Sara craved his big, black cock filling her nether hole. She never let me do that. Put my cock there. He suddenly realized he couldn’t remember when he had last penetrated her. At least a couple of years. In those years he’d become a simple slave and maid in the household. Of course he’d begged for it, pleaded with Sara to dominate him. And she finally did; she finally realized the luxurious life of being waited on, pampered hand and foot. Then there was the first affair, when a younger black lover made her feel more sexy, desirable and alive than she’d felt in years. After that, Miles became Missy, permanently.
He’d never forget that first night when he knelt before Master James, sucking the cock that would soon please Mistress Sara, as she leaned down to whisper in his ear…

“I’m so proud of you, Missy. And yet I know that this is what you want. And I do love you, although maybe in a different way now, the way a ruler cherishes a servant for their obedience and devotion. I know how much you need this, suck harder, sweetheart, don’t gag. It’s because I do love you, that I’m going to give you what you need and desire most. You are going to be my sissy maid and black cock whore. Miles is dead, now there is only Missy.”
She’d stroked her cuckold slave’s hair as Master James ejaculated the first of many loads of black come into the house sissy. As Missy swallowed and then kissed the feet of Mistress and Master, Sara and James cuddled and she took pictures for the scrapbook that would chronicle Missy’s new life.
Shortly after that memorable turning point, Sara retired from her bookkeeper job, and began an enjoyable retirement that she’d never before contemplated. Free from domestic drudgery she lived a Queen’s life, shopping, going out with friends…and dating. She dressed overtly sexy for her young lovers and basked in their attentions.
Both she and her new sissy maid Missy were surprised that there were abundant younger suitors for a sixty-plus woman with abundant curves. Her new dominance and authority over her household had given her a confidence and authority that younger men found sexy; as well as the no-strings-attached liaisons that made many Cougars good partners for sex.
Then there was the house sissy maid that many of Sara’s lovers found amusing—and convenient. An Alpha Male cock never went wanting in Sara’s domain. Though she didn’t relish kneeling and sucking; she recognized the pleasure it gave her lovers, and thus never denied them the use of the house sissy. Sara, in fact, came to enjoy the spectacle, often playing with herself, to blissful release, as she watched Missy pleasure her young stud-of-the-moment. While she and Master James were not exclusive, both enjoyed the pleasures of others, they developed a close bond.

And now, this very evening, James was taking her to Club Cuckold for the first time. Sara was excited; she’d heard about the exclusive private club for some time, from James and his friends, and a few of her other lovers.
Sara added a final coat of mascara; she wanted to look her best for James and his friends at the exclusive club. He’d picked out her dress and forbid her to wear any panties, only her garter belt and stockings. The tiniest excuse for a bra she could find held up the girls, while the low-plunging dress gave them their moment to shine. “Are you excited, Missy?” She added a pair of bright, dangly, flashy earrings.
“Yes, Mistress, it’s an honor to be asked to Club Cuckold.”
“I want you to be on your best behavior tonight,” Sara opened a small silver beaded clutch and filled it with lip-gloss and mascara. “There will be other sissy cuckolds there and James says you should watch and learn from them.”

Excerpt 2:

Sissy Fluffy minced into the bedroom and curtsied. The feminized male wasn’t surprised to find his boss, Mr. Jenkins, naked on the bed, nor sissy’s wife, Ashley, who’d been having an affair with sissy’s boss. But Fluffy was shocked to find his daughter, Megan, as well. Ashley held Mr. Jenkins’ large, thick, black cock while Megan licked it up and down.
“Did you shine my shoes and iron my shirt, sissy?” Mr. Jenkins asked.
“Y-yes, Sir,” Fluffy curtsied.
The Alpha Male chuckled. “At least you’re good for something. Sure as hell ain’t bein’ the man of the house. You got a nice family, sissy—a beautiful, sexy wife, and a cute, sexy daughter. But they’re mine now. I’m the man of the house.” He reached out with a strong, powerful black hand, and gently stroked Megan’s fiery red hair. “She’s of legal age now, so it’s only right she becomes part of my harem.”
“Uh…uh… Y-yes… Sir.” Fluffy could only stammer a reply and curtsey.
Ashley shook her head. “Fucking pathetic. A real man comes in, takes your family, and all you do is curtsey and say ‘yes, Sir’.” She turned to Megan, “See baby? See why I needed to find a real man? A man with some balls and a cock?”
“Anyway,” Mr. Jenkins continued, “Ashley and I thought it was a good time to teach Megan about men, sissies and cocks.” He stroked Megan’s cheek. “Show this sissy-bitch how you suck a cock.”
“Yea, Daddy,” Megan smirked at her sissified father, “watch how a woman pleasures a black man with a cock. Ha-ha-ha.” Megan bent down and swirled her tongue over the purple head of Mr. Jenkins’ swelling cock.
“I’m your Daddy now,” Mr. Jenkins laughed. “That’s what you’ll call me, Daddy. And you’ll be Kitten, my little sex kitten. That sissified thing, you can call it slave, sissy, servant, shit-for-brains, slut, cunt.”
Megan lifted off Mr. Jenkins’ cock, a trail of drool hanging from her lips. Her kitten-like tongue lapped it up. She glared at her step-father. “I’m gonna call you sissy, at least for now. ‘Cause that’s what you look like in a dress and high heels. A pathetic fucking sissy.” She smiled at Mr. Jenkins. “Can Kitten have more cock, Daddy?”
“Of course, baby girl,” he used his hand on the back of Megan’s head to push her mouth down on his cock. “That’s my good Kitten.” He looked at Ashley, “We need to get her a black boyfriend.” He turned to smile at Fluffy. “Don’t you think our Kitten needs some black cock?”
“Uh… Sir? A black cock, she’s only—”
“She’s of legal age, sissy. I’m sure you will be accommodating and supporting of her experimenting. Perhaps she will even get a ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo like Ashley. I have some black business acquaintances. I’m sure they’d enjoy a mother/daughter.”
Fluffy fell to his knees. “No, Sir, please. I’ll—”
“You’ll do nothing!” Mr. Jenkins cut him off. “There’s nothing you can do. You’re powerless, helpless. Your only choice is to obey and serve, watch me become the head of this family. Or walk away. Ha-ha… or crawl away. Choose now you worthless sissy-bitch, crawl out of here, never to return. Or,” Master smirked, his power and authority absolute, “beg and grovel to be the sissy-maid-bitch of this family; beg ME to be the man of the house.”
Fluffy was stunned beyond words. Quite a feat, considering how the day had started…

Earlier that morning…

“Please, no…” A sob of desperation cracked Fluffy’s voice. “Please…”
Ashley ignored the unauthorized outburst. “It’s time she knew, sissy, so you will serve us breakfast this morning. Wear the pink satin maid uniform, lots of petticoats and the blonde wig. I want you very girly and sissy when I present my sissy-maid to my daughter. It’s time you accepted your true place in this household. At the bottom. Serving and obeying everyone. Bill is coming over later.”
Fluffy’s shoulder’s sagged in resignation and he curtsied. “Yes, Mistress.” He minced off on his tiptoes to change for his unveiling. His stomach churned with a thousand butterflies, but even still, the thought of the humiliation and degradation made his chastised sissy-cock stir in its cage. I am a sissy. I deserve this. It’s what I want.

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