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Devil: A Bear Mountain Story (MMM)

Project Zed

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 55,010
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Kynan has tried every trick he knows to hack into Project Zed’s system, without much luck. When the team learns of unforeseen security measures, they move into action to stop the barriers to Kynan’s hack.

Only those defenses are flesh and blood, skin and bone. Two young hackers abducted from their families and controlled by Zed—forced to hide the horrors within for nearly two decades. Once freed, they could be a valuable asset to the counter-Zed fighters, if they can recover from what was done to them.

A new elemental shows up at the same time, this one with the power to move the earth itself. Sky’s an adventurer, and his journey has led him to Bear Mountain. But he soon learns he might have even more tying his fate to the valley.

Can Kynan and Sky come together to help one of the broken wolves heal or is he too far gone?

A Bear Mountain Story

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Kye swallowed and pushed his glasses up his nose. “I feel an attraction to you both.” He turned to look at Lachlan.

Sky leaned in and pressed his lips to Kye’s. When he drew back, the man’s eyes were closed, his lips still puckered, ready for more. A smile came to Sky’s own lips. “I say we see where this goes.”

A growl rose from Lachlan as he watched them.

Sky saw the need in the shifter’s glowing eyes. He’d seen that same glow when Cal looked at Samuel. Watching Lachlan, he kissed Kye again.

Lachlan’s stare was fixed on them, his lips opening and a frown furrowing his brow. His head fell back slightly, his breathing growing rapid.

The kiss wasn’t just impacting Lachlan. Sky loved the feel of Kye’s lips. Soon, he pulled his attention away from the wolf and focused on the human before him. He gripped the sides of Kye’s face and kissed the man more hungrily.

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