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Everything He Wants (MM)

The Men of Wesley Lake


Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 24,702
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Sequel to A Love to Remember

Graham’s best friend Marc Byrne has been in a self-imposed dry spell for the past six months, reevaluating his life. Tired of the bar scene, he wants something true and lasting like Graham found with Sam. He wants to find Mr. Right.

When Marc meets the gorgeous, motorcycle riding, tattooed man of his dreams at a lake party, he falls hard and fast. Reminding himself that was how he was hurt before, he puts the man out his mind. Easier said than done.

Aiden Wright is blown away by Marc and wants to get to know him better, but he keeps running and Aiden can’t figure out why. The attraction between them is intense and Aiden is sure he can give Marc what he wants, if he’ll just take a chance.

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Marc brushed past Aiden, and stepped outside. The path leading to the road and the driveway was actually up a hill some, so they walked quietly, Marc in front until they reached the road. When he laid eyes on the motorcycle, he gasped and spun around.

“You have a vintage motorcycle?”

Aiden’s eyes crinkled as he smiled. “Yeah. It’s a 1969 Triumph 500. I rebuilt her myself. It’s a hobby. You know about motorcycles?”

“Some. I read. A lot.” Marc was completely impressed as he traced his hand over the cycle. The green paint job was gorgeous in the moonlight. The long seat was made of soft, black leather and he couldn’t wait to ride it. “Great hobby,” he murmured.

Aiden laughed. “Yeah. I enjoy it. You have any hobbies? I mean, other than being the world’s foremost expert on George Michael?” he asked as grabbed the two helmets and offered Marc one before he swung a leg over and settled in.

Marc put his on. It was a little big, but he was used to things being too big. It had been like that all his life. “Yeah. I love dancing. Reading.” Marc grinned. “And just so you know, the man was an amazing artist and had a fabulous solo career. I have several concert shirts, and all sorts of collectibles. You should see them!”

Aiden nodded, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight. “Sounds great. I’ve never been a fan of someone so much I collect anything. I’m impressed.” He patted the bike seat behind him. “Hop on.”

“Oh, hang on. Let me throw this into my car,” he said, holding up his backpack. He tossed it into the back seat and walked back over to Aiden.

Marc struggled a little with climbing on. He was short and the bike wasn’t but he finally got on, wrapped his arms around Aiden, pressing his chest to Aiden’s back. His heart sped up as Aiden started the engine.

“Hold on tight,” he called back.

Marc tightened his arms and felt Aiden’s chuckle as he merged onto the empty road. He followed the path around the lake until they drove over the dam and then out onto the country roads, where he sped up.

His soul was flying as they rode under the open sky, the stars twinkling high above. Cool air blew against them and scooted closer to Aiden, soaking up his warmth. It had been incredibly hot earlier, but the nights could get cool rather quickly.

Marc leaned forward, resting his head against Aiden’s back. The man was pure muscle and he felt safe with him, even after just meeting him. He breathed in deep and sighed. He could get used to touching Aiden.

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