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Finding Hope - Book Ten of the Running in Fear Series

Running in Fear Series

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 53,763
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Hope Catcher had seen it all—from the fall of the world as she had known it to monsters from her nightmares becoming her reality, but somehow she had managed to survive.

From an early age, Hope had learned to depend on herself. All she every wanted was a family to love. How was she supposed to know that three blue men—three very big huge men--were her future? Or that she was the fifth woman who was destined to save everyone. Talk about pressure!

Gourd Windura and his partners, Jester and Fand, had trained all their lives to be the best warriors they could be, and when one of their enemies kidnapped his family, death is the only thing on his mind. What these men never expected was to find their chosen one, a Little Bear with three cubs, on this dangerous mission. Not only had she stolen their heart, but she taught them that even small packages could be fierce in love and battle.

Together the four of them face their new lives. United, as their family grows by leaps, so does their love for all of those around them.

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“She is our chosen one. We need to show her that we can do this. It’s the least we can do, especially since she will have to get used to our ways when we are bonded. But I do agree this form is tedious.” Gourd glanced over at Jester and laughed as he fell face first into a pile of their animal’s waste.

Gourd was surprised he heard the branch snap over Jester’s growling and Fand’s laughter. It would seem the bear had excellent hearing. He lifted his massive head, ready to shift at the last minute if their enemy had found them, and was surprised to see their woman there, sitting and watching. Gourd swore the small bear was laughing just as hard as Fand was.

“I don’t know why you keep those smelly things around,” Jester grumbled as he went to wipe his face, forgetting he had a massive paw.

“No,” their female shouted, shifting and moving towards Jester, but it was too late. Jester once shouted human cuss words when his big paw crunched his nose.

“You didn’t have to change. It’s obvious the bear isn’t your true form. If you want to come, let’s go, but I really must go now before it gets dark.” She looked up at the sun. “We don’t have much time.” She started to reach out to Jester, but quickly pulled her hand back, then shifted and took off without a word.

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