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His Forbidden Mate (MF)

Deliverance Pack

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 23,035
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Hannah Martin has always tried to mind her own business in life. She picks up double shifts at the local diner to make ends meet while she saves money for college. She's tired but happy, that is, until Adam Atwood claws back into her life. He bullied and tormented her relentlessly throughout high school, and their most recent encounter at the diner is no different.

But when Adam violently kidnaps her, Hannah discovers not everyone or everything is as it seems.

Wolf shifter Adam Atwood had been forced to turn on his former best friend for no other reason than she was human and that wasn’t acceptable to his pack. Even though it bothered him, he knew he had to protect her. When he finally discovers who she truly is to him, he’s horrified by what he’s done. Can Hannah forgive and forget? Or is it too little, too late?

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“You’re … you’re really big.”

He took himself in hand. “Yes, I guess I am, but, Hannah we’re mates.” He stepped closer and cupped her cheek. “We’ll fit together, and I’ll go very, very slowly. I can’t promise it won’t hurt, especially not your first time, but I’ll be gentle.” He leaned down and kissed her. “Hannah, if this is too much, just tell me. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. For now, let’s just take a shower, okay?”

“Okay.” Hannah swallowed and followed him under the hot spray. She gasped and shivered when he pulled her wet body flush against his. He leaned down and kissed her doubts away before he grabbed the soap and lathered her up. His hands were warm and calloused, and her breasts bounced and swayed under his ministrations, any shyness dissipating with every loving caress. “My breasts must be filthy.”

He gave her a devilish grin. “That’s right. You’re my dirty girl.” He set the soap aside and pressed his chest against hers, and he hugged her tight as the spray washed the suds away.

Her nipples were hard and engorged as they slid back and forth against his slickened skin. Hannah held on to him as he rubbed his body against hers. His erection pressed against her stomach, and she reached down between them, wrapping her fingers around his cock. She was fascinated when he tensed and pulsed in her hand. He was so much different than she was.

“Fuck, Hannah.” He grabbed her wrist, stopping her mid-stroke, but she wasn’t to be deterred.

She needed to taste him like he said he was going to taste her. His eyes widened when she lowered to her knees in front of him. His fangs bit into his lower lip, his expression pained. Emboldened by his reaction, Hannah leaned forward and licked the slit of his cock before taking him fully into her mouth. Adam hissed and growled before he jerked his hips back and out of her mouth. Hannah would have laughed except the scorching yellow eyes staring down at her stole her breath.

“I can’t. I can’t wait any longer. I…” He shook his head and gently gripped her forearms, helping her up. He opened and closed his mouth and swallowed hard. “You’re mine.” He growled and shut off the water, then reached out of the shower and grabbed two towels and handed her one. Hannah couldn’t help but squeal when he lifted her out of the tub and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her down and followed her, his broad shoulders holding her thighs open for him. His growl became louder until it was a constant rumble deep his chest.

Without warning he leaned down between her thighs and nuzzled his way to her clit, pulling it between his lips and sucking hard, and she cried out. Hannah fisted the sheets and writhed against his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, holding her still as he buried his face in her pussy. The sensation that built was so foreign and so intense it overwhelmed her as he licked and sucked and licked and sucked. Pleasure pulsed inside of her, and Hannah worried something was wrong.

“Wait! Something is happening,” she gasped out.

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