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Loving Stan Book 26 of the Action! Series


The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 64,112
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All things must change.

In book 26 of the Action! Series, an infatuation grows to deep love.

As Mark and Stan fly to New York City for a Dangereux Cologne promotional tour, their affection blossoms to an inseparable bond. As rumors fly and their attachment becomes public, family and friends react to the news.
Mark’s husband, Steve Miller, is left with the fallout, on his own while Mark spends time with a man twenty years his junior.
But, Steve refuses to crumble in the face of the catastrophe. Instead, he goes on a sexual tear, which distracts him from reality.

With love being tested and life moving forward, both Mark and Steve face a decision that rocks the men of the Action! Series.

Loving Stan.
Mark can’t help himself. While the two men share secrets and their bodies with each other, Mark and Stan brave the coming upheaval.

Love. The heart simply goes where it desires. Loving Stan, part of a trilogy inside a series.
‘Obsession, California Dreaming, & Loving Stan’ three books which complete a story on their own.

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His cell-phone chimed, interrupting his thought flow. He finished typing the sentence, and then dug the phone out of his pocket. “Hullo.”
“Mark, its TJ Brown.”
“Yes. How are you?” Mark sat back in his leather swivel chair.
“Good. We need you to tour with Dangereux Cologne. Are you feeling up to it?”
“Of course, love.” Mark rocked gently in the chair, running his fingers through his dark shoulder-length hair. “Where are we headed?”
“New York.”
“No worries. Just email me the details.”
“I already have. I copied all of our models on it. You should have it in your inbox. If not, let me know. We’ll have a limo pick you up.”
“All right.” He tapped keys on his computer to get into his email box. “Yes. I have it.” Mark read the names on the address list, seeing Stan’s. “Oh! Mr Charles is included.”
After a soft chuckle, TJ said, “Yes. We’re launching his new cologne line Dangereux Obsession for fashion week.”
Mark’s heart began to race. “Lovely.”
“And speaking of Stan. Do you want a private hotel room, or do you mind doubling up?”
“Doubling…” Mark imagined sleeping in a hotel room alone with Stan. “Bloody hell.”
“No worries, Mark. We can get you a private room.”
“Um.” I don’t want a private room. “No. That’s silly. It’s fine. I’d be happy to share a room with him.”
“Do you want to discuss it with Steve first and get back to me?”
“I don’t need permission from my husband.” Mark tried not to sneer. “TJ, it’s perfectly all right.”
“Okay. I’ll update you with the information as we get it.”
“How long, love?”
“How long?”
“Yes. How many days are we staying?” Mark noticed one of the Rothschild twins lingering near his office door, waiting for him to get off the phone.
“Three days. Thursday evening to Saturday night.”
“All right.”
“I’ll talk to you soon.”
“Cheers.” Mark disconnected the call and gave Danny his attention. “Yes, Daniel?”
Danny entered his office holding a file. “How many days are you staying where?”
“Nosy, nosy.” Mark took the file from him.
“Anything that concerns you interests me.”
“Dangereux is touring in New York for Fashion week.” Mark opened the file.
“Oh. Have fun!” Danny smiled and left his office.
Mark reviewed the client information in the folder and then set it on his desk. He stood, buttoned his suit jacket, tucked his tie under it, and headed to his husband’s office.
Steven Jay Miller was working on his computer as well, his tie loosened, his sleeves rolled up and his collar button open.
“Love?” Mark stood at his doorway.
Steve looked up from his work.
Mark sat on the corner of his desk, opening his suit jacket button.
Steve smiled at him, his blue eyes bright and clear in the morning light coming into their downtown LA office.
Mark reached out his hand and Steve clasped it. “TJ just rung. He informed me Dangereux is going to be a part of Fashion week in Manhattan.”
“That’s exciting.”
“I’m going for the weekend to promote the cologne.” Mark massaged Steve’s fingers in his hand.
“Next weekend.”
Mark kissed Steve’s knuckles and then stood from his desk. “Oh, and Stan is coming.” Mark tried to slip out of his office after he informed Steve.
“Wait. What?”
Mark paused at the door. “Stan. They’re launching Dangereux Obsession.”
“You…you’re going with Stan to New York?”
“Yes.” Mark didn’t want a debate at work. He smiled and headed to the employee lounge to get a bottle of water, before returning to his desk.
Stan held a sign with a name on it while waiting near a baggage claim conveyor belt at Los Angeles’ LAX Airport. Gradually the passenger’s had debarked and were making their way to the baggage area.
Although he had just signed a contract with Dangereux Cologne, Stan couldn’t quite quit his day-job as a chauffeur for a limousine service.
His phone chimed with a text. Stan tucked the sign under his arm and read one from Mark. ‘It appears we’re going on a trip together.’
A rush of lust washed over Stan. He sent back, ‘what? when?’
‘Check your inbox.’
“Fuck.” Since he was about to pick up a client, Stan couldn’t yet. He noticed more passengers flooding the area and then spotted a woman looking around. Stan held up the sign with a name on it. She acknowledged him.
Stan threw away the paper and hurried over to her. “Hi.”
“Hi.” She put on dark sunglasses and had a scarf on her head, trying not to be recognized.
“Just point to your bag when you see it.”
Her focus was on her phone while she sent text messages as they stood by. Stan made sure no one harassed her, since he usually picked up Hollywood celebrities.
“That one. With the pink ribbon on the handle.”
Stan pulled the big bag off the conveyor belt. “Anything else?”
She singled out another matching smaller piece.
Stan took it as well.
“That’s it.”
He wheeled each bag as they left the area to the parking lot. The woman kept typing on her phone, and Stan sort of recognized her from TV but wasn’t sure.
Once he’d led her to the limousine, he opened the back door for her and then stored her luggage in the trunk. Seated behind the wheel, Stan read the instructions on his satellite navigator and drove out of the parking garage. She was still engaged on her phone when he hit the highway.
Stan drove her to a mansion in Beverly Hills, parked, and opened the door for her. She emerged as he brought her luggage to the front stoop.
She gave him an inviting smile. “Would you care to come in?”
“No. Thanks. I have another airport run.” He did not.
She acknowledged him sweetly, took cash from her purse and tucked it into his hand. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” Stan helped her carry the bags into her foyer and then returned to his car. After he pulled out of her driveway, Stan parked on a side street, logged the mileage and time onto his paperwork, and then looked through his emails.
When he found one from TJ about a trip to New York with Mark, he cheered and pumped his fist. “Yes! Yes!”

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