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New Beginnings Jubilee - Book Seven of the Running in Fear Series

Running in Fear Series

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 59,000
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In New Beginnings Jubilee, Book Seven of #1 best-selling Amazon Romance writer Trinity Blacio’s futuristic Running in Fear series, we find our powerful groups of supernatural lovers in a new world and a new beginning: now all they need is for their enemies to drop dead and leave them alone.

Jaycee LeBlathe, Suzanne Hazelfield and Lissa Elam have no idea how to be the first ladies, to be queens, let alone rule over anyone. All they know how to do is survive, until now.

Nikola, Dominic, Remi and Dane have decided it is time for their female companions to live again, to love and to know what a family unit is all about. Their people have now been brought over, settling into new homes on a new planet, while everyone waits for the word that the war on Earth is over.

Are their mates truly safe now? Or will this New Beginning Jubilee be put on hold?

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Cecilia laughed and lifted a strand of her hair. “Red?”

“I thought with Christmas right around the corner, why not? Everyone needs a change once in a while. You want a different color? How about green?” Lissa busted out laughing as Cecilia’s hair turned dark green, and Cecilia shrieked as she looked into the mirror above the fireplace.

Marsha ran into the room, followed by Mark and Dane. “Damn, Cecilia, green?” They all cracked up as Jaycee moved slowly into the room, smiling.

“I like it. We could all do something different for Christmas.” She tapped her lips, and Lissa could have sworn she saw a hint of mischief in her gaze. Who was she to deny a very pregnant lady anything?

Turning in a complete circle as she gazed at each man, Lissa held back her laughter as they frowned at her. The men in the room had either red, blue, green or yellow hair. Mark, Dane, Remi, Tug, Rory and her mates all gapped at each other. Cecilia nudged her and nodded to Clayton’s bald head and Lissa laughed.

His bald head was now shiny red, like a Christmas ornament. “Is that better?” She laughed again, turning to Cecilia, who could only nod.

Jaycee sat next to Marsha and Shelly on the other brown leather couch, while Lissa sat next to Cecilia and Suzanne. Tears of laughter dripped down Marsha’s face, and Lissa giggled, adding one more item to the festivities.

Suzanne pointed at Dominic and rolled off the couch laughing. Cecilia laughed so hard Cade joined in. Jaycee, Marsha and Shelly fanned themselves cackling. Even Lissa couldn’t help grinning until her cheeks hurt.

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