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The Spy Who Seduced Me

The Adventures of a Husband Hunter

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 28,728
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In her quest to find the perfect husband, Kate meets a real-life James Bond figure with a licence to kill.

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I lay on the bed, quite naked, the central heating in my home full on, and the superbly manufactured electrically powered, slightly curved plastic penis humming helpfully in my right hand. It had been a hard day at the office, and I felt fully entitled to a session of mechanically induced relief with my favourite instrument, the Rampant Rabbit. I let its tip vibrate against my wetness. I leaned my head back, ready to receive attention from the man of my dreams.

In my mind’s eye, I pictured myself standing, naked but for a pair of red stilettos, in the prime minister’s private office in number ten Downing Street. He stood there, talking energetically on the telephone, dressed in slacks, shirt, and tie. He looked stressed and in need of attention. He saw me and somehow didn’t interrupt his conversation. He smiled and signalled to me to come forward.

So I came towards him, swinging my hips as I did so. When I reached him, I touched the growing bulge in his trousers and started massaging it gently with my fingers. It hardened more immediately and increased in size.

His faced brightened to the point of getting quite red, and he smiled showing a set of perfect teeth. He then said into the telephone, “I’ve got to go, Permanent Secretary, something else important is just about to come up. Could explode in my face if I’m not careful. Talk in the AM.”

He then put the phone back on its receiver and turned his attention to me, grabbing me by my bare buttocks and holding me close, kissing me deeply, thrusting his eager tongue far down my throat.

“Oh, Kate, you always get me worked up just with the sight of your naked body. How can you do this every time?”

“Oh, Prime Minister, this is no hardship,” I whispered, rubbing his engorgement with even more urgency. “I’m sure half of the female population of the UK would love to be in my place. You are the most handsome and sexy of all prime ministers.”

He gasped and buried his head between my bare breasts and seemed to snort slightly, whether with excitement at my nakedness or amusement at my political joke, I didn’t know.

He needed no more encouragement. He bent his head, taking in the smell of my hair, and gently touched my breasts, cupping them with his long fingers, and started massaging them. He lowered his head farther and encircled with his mouth the brown aureole of my left nipple. His kiss was gentle yet exciting and it sent shivers down my body. He started gently nibbling it. I moaned and pushed my pelvis towards him. I felt my lady juices flowing and my body yearning for his touch, his kisses, and his hard, masculine attachment. I wanted my body to melt into his so we could stay like that forever, in feverish sexual excitement.

Well, his clothes were a distraction to my plans. I wanted to feel his naked skin, and I wanted to smell him, kiss him, and taste him.

I undid the button of his trousers and slid the zip down, gravity pulling the trousers to his feet. His underpants had a wet spot near the stretch band and were filled with his massive cock extended to its full length and coming with its purple head just over the edge of his pants.

I needed to free the magnificent one from the tight prison of his pants. This wonderful creature deserved to be free, so I became a woman on a mission. I pushed my lover’s head away from my breasts and dropped to my knees while pulling down the piece of cloth which was covering the finest ten inches of cock I’d ever seen. Or at least imagined.

At this point, I could wait no longer, and so I pushed the Rabbit into my pussy so that its tip finally reached wholly in and I got the full benefit of its vibration. I shuddered with pleasure and then got my imagination working again.

Somehow, the prime minister was now completely naked, too, his cock straight and true, and quivering slightly, in his full glory. He was the head of his government and yet he was standing there wanting me, desiring me and my body. He deserved a reward, and I was there to grant him one.

I started gently kissing his cock first, pushing my tongue in a circular motion and decided to take it whole in my mouth, suddenly devouring it with the excitement building in my body.

“Oh, my God!” the PM exclaimed. He seemed to be in complete ecstasy as I worked my lips and my tongue on his cock.

I wanted to respond to this and tried to say, “At your service, sir,” but was not able to make any words with my lips tightly enclosed around his willy, so I only moaned in response.

His willy was throbbing, and I knew he could ejaculate at any moment, yet he bent down and took hold of my head and moved it away.

“You sexy beast, you need to stop what you are doing now. I can’t last much longer with your skilful kissing me like this.”

I withdrew my lips and looked up at him. I stood, giving his cock one last lick as I rose.

“I need to repay the compliment,” said the PM. He pushed me gently onto the ministerial sofa and pulled my legs wide apart, exposing the pink flesh of my pulsating lady bits.

He had a good look and liked what he saw.

“You are beautiful, I could kiss you forever.” And with this statement, he buried his face between my legs.

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