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Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 30,148
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Fight or flight? This has always been the way of Lindo Santiago’s life, and he has always chosen to fight. He has prepared for world championship boxing glory his entire career. From the Mexican slums to the hard streets of Hollywood, he gave it everything. Lindo thought he was ready until his world title shot arrived and almost killed him. Now, forced to retire by the California State Athletic Commission, he has defied the odds by surviving a three-month coma and severe brain injury.

Forced to choose a new path, to live a different life, Lindo is certain he can do it, with the help of Xu, a mysterious spirit force of a man who emerged in the darkest days of Lindo’s coma. Xu and Lindo’s homosexuality are his biggest secrets. Encouraged to take his first vacation ever, Lindo flies to Honolulu where Xu becomes more potent, yet more mysterious. Signs are everywhere that Lindo must choose between love and death, and he also must decide whether to enter into a relationship with a hot local, Turner Cypriano. But if he does, what will that mean for Xu?

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…Lindo undressed, walked outside naked to admire the view and felt like shouting to the world. All these places in the distance. Pinpoints of light. Strange new worlds. He loved the color of the sky. It was deep and dark.

I wondered what Honolulu had been like before all the lights and all the people. Out there, that’s what it was like…

He felt alone and scared but exhilarated all at the same time. He loved this town. For a long moment, he looked up and down his long lanai at the view of the marina. He had no neighbors that could see him unless somebody way in the distance had a telescope. Even then…so what?

Lindo went back inside, leaving open the sliding doors. Things sure felt different here. Back in LA, you took your life in your hands doing such a thing. He settled on the bed and lay for a moment looking at the ceiling and wondering what to do with his time. He decided to start reading from his new stack of books. Lindo turned to grab the one on top of the pile and felt a touch, like a breath across his face. This was followed by a rush of fire.

Lindo’s breath caught in his throat. He almost cried with relief. Xu was back. Lovely, lovely Xu.

He lay on the bed, feeling his lover’s mouth moving over his.

“You’re here.”

He savored Xu’s kisses, afraid to open his eyes in case Xu disappeared. Hot tears burned his face…were they his? A sob escaped his lips as Xu’s sweet kisses trailed softly, featherlike across his jawline. Lindo kept his eyes closed as his lover moved down his body, the sweep of heat rushing to his cock…

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